Highly offensive product being advertised. I'm offended. You should be too

I was watching TV and saw a commercial that seemed very bland.

It was young women like laughing and enjoying wine or whatever,

Figured the product was going to be makeup or drinks considering the content.


It was for vaginal odor pills.


I was furious.

Couldn’t believe it.

I am 100% offended that the world seems to think we shouldn’t have any body odor.

It’s a ■■■■■■■ ridiculous standard.

I understood when they started saying don’t use soap on your lady parts and got the special product for that and I like that product.

It works better.

But now, there’s “full body deodorant” that is very much for your sexy bits.

Taking it further, there’s now an actual oral daily medication for vaginal odor.

Word up,

We’re not supposed to smell like roses down there.

It’s evolution.

We attracted mates with our stinky asses for most of humanity.

I felt this add was going for a very young woman demographic and basically unlocking a new body insecurity.

In a sleezy, horrible way, I respect they’re making a normal part of being human something you have to take a daily supplement for.

It’s pretty genius.

But more than that,

I’m offended.

I don’t even wear regular deodorant 90% of the time.

We’re humans.

We kind of stink.

Genitals have an odor.

I’m filming a PSA.


You still watch commercials? Those are for white hairs.


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I agree.

As long as someone bathes regularly and washes those parts, the scent that’s there is healthy and normal.

You’re right that the pheromones involved attract mates.

It can be a turn on

We don’t need even more body shaming


I suppose that a public service announcement is fine. However, before you completely bring down the pharmaceutical company that makes those pills, I hope it isn’t one of the main suppliers of low dose haldol. I like my pills.

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I honestly don’t care if some women want to take pills to improve their, uh, scent. Freedom of choice. I personally find it offensive that women are told they are not beautiful enough the way nature made them and they have to smear chemicals all over their face to be attractive to men, but, that is not my business either. If ladies want to use that stuff that is their choice to make and not mine. Same for the fruity booty pills I guess.


I would just be worried about side effects.

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Some women have a condition that causes a bad odor. It’s very embarrassing when in public and you know you smell. It has to do with an imbalance of bacteria. It’s not an infection just an imbalance. So I wouldn’t dismiss this entirely. Can it be fixed? Yeah hormonal issues, bacteria imbalance and other medications all play a factor.


I agree with you except what is a PSA?

I totally agree with this too.

I don’t see the problem here
If a woman wants to take a pill for this hygiene/health concern then it’s her choice.

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You have women drinking wine in an info-mercial…hmmm…sounds like the female version of penis-enlargement cream.

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I can see your point. I’m not personally offended by it though. It’s personal choice. I will emphasise though that I do see your point of view.

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Sounds like a gimmicky sales tactic. A pill? Whats wrong with a quick swish round with a flannel and soap and water?

Im pretty sure that wouldnt get thru the advertising standards in the uk.

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Yes, thats true.

Also known as a husband.


I think women need to take this product so they don’t get confused with wild game :crazy_face:

After I stopped considering Gwyneth Palthrow interesting character because of her bussines of sellling candles scented like her vagina,this is second stupid product made…
I agree with @Charles_Foster with this one…

But sex apperently sells,as well the products einvolving…

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@zoa doh, you beat me to it…I had heard about the scented candles…ha…

Yeah thats crazy haha. Do you watch regular tv still?
I much prefer a natural smelly private part of a woman then some curated one. If thats not too rude to mention haha.

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