Highly offensive product being advertised. I'm offended. You should be too

I prefer that everyone stink. Personally, I have my own concoction that smells of rotten cabbage and wet dog that I like to smear all over my body after a shower. It keeps most people away, and really, isn’t that the goal most of us have here?


Smelly rotten cabbage, like you rub yourself with kimchi? How delightfully erotic. You should try a daikon radish. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I think having a smelly poonani is a legitimate concern and am glad women have options

Like is it just me but mens bits smell too and rather strongly. If you ask most women mens urine is smelly too so I agree. It’s a stupid product and it leads to problems with self worth. I have a smelly penis sometimes too.

Just saying!


I guess I wasn’t specific enough.

This is not a pill for medical conditions.

As a matter of fact,

If you took this pill to conceal vaginal odor it would be difficult to detect some conditions that do need treatment.

It’s just a pill to make your vagina scented like a new car.


You mean wunderbaum for the vagina? :smiley:

Sorry for the cheap jokes :yum:

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I’m a bit uninformed on this product. Do we know whether it is a prescription pharmaceutical or an over the counter product?

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I meant you can treat the underlying cause but also treat the side effect of the underlying cause which could be permanent. That’s not unheard of. The side effect is embarrassing and noticeable so people would want something to treat it until the underlying cause improves. That’s only what I was saying.

Most women care for themselves because it’s a basic need. People who smell badly obviously are going through things. Is a pill the answer? Not always. But there are multiple reasons why a woman smells and it’s not just because they aren’t washing. If you are washing and still have odor it’s a medical issue. If you aren’t washing then ultimately there’s a bigger problem.

I get what you are saying though.

It’s very odd. I would not use it myself.