High-strength nicotine e-cigarettes can help adults with schizophrenia quit smoking


For those that won’t click the link:

They used "using Juul e-cigarettes loaded with 5% nicotine pods "

“Some 40% of participants had stopped smoking traditional cigarettes by the end of 12 weeks. Researchers observed an overall, sustained 50% reduction in smoking or complete smoking abstinence in 92.5% of participants at the end of 12 weeks. Researchers also observed an overall 75% reduction in median daily cigarette consumption from 25 to 6, by the end of the 12 weeks.”



I use a sub ohm tank, and 7mg liquid. It’s the equivalent of over 24mg in a normal vape pen.

I don’t think you can get high nicotine level nic salts anywhere in Europe (like the ones used in the study).

But sub ohm vaping is a good workaround for that.


Yes, but you have been using it for a long time as a direct replacement instead of cutting down and quitting, no?

I did an experiment, I ordered the strongest nic salt ejuice I could find. When I vape it takes away my breath for a few seconds, the nicotine hit like a truck, instantly turns my stomach and my brain, it’s generally a bad feeling.

Going to try conditioning the brain to inherently associate the vape with feeling sick.

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Realising that nicotine doesn’t make you feel good is a key note to make when quitting. That is what helped me. I realised that actually smoking a cigarette doesn’t make me feel good.

It is just a self fulfilling prophecy of addiction with little or no point to it when you realise that the drug doesn’t actually make you feel good, is it not?

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I vape 40mg/ml nic salts but here in Canada they will soon limit it to 20mg/ml.

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Yes, that’s correct.

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I’d love to quit. I would agree with you. The ultimate goal is to get myself off the nicotine.

Truth be told I’m worried about the withdrawals, my mind starts playing games with me, get into a dark place.

Granted I haven’t tried quitting since starting Zyprexa and getting my voices more under control. So I’m hopeful that would help me.

Fiancée really wants me to quit. I’ve quit the illegal drugs, quit drinking, limit my caffeine. Live a mostly sober life. Just this one last thing.

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@Ooorgle @everhopeful

I should quit proselytising. I have been blessed with will power, and I have needed it.

Given the situation of most szs, they can hardly be blamed for any vices.

Plus vaping compared to smoking tobacco is a whole world better.


I buy the odd pouch of tobbaco once a month or so. But mainly i stick to a 16mg nic in a Sub ohm tank at 14m watts. Its does me.

I mainly quit cos of the price of it. And my flat dont stink so much.

Smoked regular cigs a pack a day 20 years, switched to nicotine vape a couple years before, finally quitting.

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I’ll don’t know if I go back to vaping anytime soon. I wouldn’t quit tobacco for health reasons anyway. Still got a sub ohm vape and a pod system at home. As I remember my vaping behaviour it was a tragedy. It was smoky in the room fully, the windows needed to be always open, both of them, even in the coldest times in winter, 24/7.

But I need to do that too with tobacco most of the time, because it stanks and is so smoky.

I would have to order online, anyways probably vaping is not getting me hooked.

Anyway, there is also the fact that it is now illegal to ship vapes by mail to most places in the US. I have a vape store fairly close by, but many do not and the typical price markup over mail order is quite large…