High hopes for new meds

I was changed from Rexulti to Abilify and I hope this helps. My pdoc also did some DNA testing and he said I needed l-methylfolate which is a Levomefolic acid and my pdoc says should help with my anxiety and depression. Now when I was first diagnosed I was put on RisperDONE and found that my anxiety and depression worsened from bearable to unbearable and to the point I was having panic attacks at work.

Can anyone tell me if they’ve been on these meds and if they helped them?

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I was put on abilify and my anxiety level went through the roof. I had to come off it
Respiredone was bad too
I take 60 mg of seroxat plus clozaril 325 and I’m kind of stable now for twelve years but clozaril has side effects like drooling and bed wetting

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Sorry to hear that you had so many troubles
Side effects sound like a real pain but mental health must be worth it !!!
Love to you

Abilify seems to be a bit unpredictable - although they all are I guess but you’ll know quickly if it doesn’t suit you
If not its back to trying something else
I tried 5
6th was the one

Although the five were mostly good for a while

Nice a dna test, i wish i could do that. Let me and everyone else how it goes i wanna know if these dna tests do predict the best med.


There are online reports detailing what receptors specific Schizophrenic medications affect. I went through all the meds my brother has tried and listed how they helped, and when they didn’t. Analyzing this data I was able to determine which of his receptors were malfunctioning and which ones weren’t. That allowed me to analyze reports on new drugs to determine if they might help him or not. My conclusions matched with how well a new drug worked for him.

So far I have felt better. It’s going slow but my depression is going away! You wanted me to tell you how it goes so there you go.

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I’ve tried many many main stream anti psychotic and mood stabilizer. I truly believe the quest to ultimate stability rests in the relationship you have with you and your pdoc.

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