Hiding the "crazy"


Sometimes it hurts to move
Hurts to react
Sometimes I’m terrified to enter a room
Or touch someone
Sometimes I need to shake uncontrollably and it hurts not to

But nobody knows
And I can’t tell them
So I force myself to act normal

I’m terrified that one day I’m going to pass out or just go catatonic from the over-exertion of forcing myself to seem okay

Sorry. Venting. Worried.


i feel so sad about that… :(…It seems to be exhausting!! but it’s not your fault you feel like this!!!excellent that you try to fight it but if you tired of doing this alll the time maybe it would be better to leave and go rest or do something you feel like to do and not put so musch pressure to you??! i don;t know i am just saying


maybe some expert would help you with those feelings and thoughts about the fututre and even about how to help yourself feeling good most of the times not all of your own power,maybe with some medicine help!! ??? do you have someone to talk ??


Thanks. I struggle for motivation to do things like paint which I find relaxing. I’m trying but times are tough at the moment with family/work/uni etc

I have no one to talk to right now, and no one I can be myself around. I’m not quite sure what to do about it… Still trying to figure out how to deal with things in a way that doesn’t get me admitted into a hospital


I feel your pain my friend. Re-pressing it can be so difficult


I’m sorry you feel that way I can see how that might be horrible. I felt energy flow from myself to a friend during prayer. And I woke from sleep hearing her and feeling her cry. It was like I could feel her mental disorder and imbalance and extreme fear and her crying. It was not a cool experience. Im sure it’s different when ur around happy ppl you absorb good things and stuff.


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