Hidden Profiles

So many hidden profiles. It’s kinda sad. I like seeing how long people have been on the forum and when they were last here. Not sure why, it’s just interesting to me.


It’s interesting to me too.

But I set my profile to private for a couple reasons.

One, I kept getting likes from members I didn’t recognize on really old selfies.

Which means they were going to my profile just to see what I look like,

I couldn’t delete all the selfies so I just hid my profile.

The other reason is I don’t want others to know if I get myself suspended.

Still, I enjoy seeing other members stats and stuff, so I get what you mean.


I keep my profile open. If someone wants to browse through my old stuff I don’t mind.

There isn’t much that breaks anonymity.

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I think mine is open but before becoming a mod I kept it private.


yea I like looking at people’s profiles too.

I like seeing their history and if there is a profile picture

Mine is hidden because I am kind of a private person by nature and I would like to stay as anomm as possible


I don’t mind keeping my profile open. Everyone knows I’m a Skunk.



I keep my profile open.
I figured what the heck


That’s funny ! :joy:


It’s humiliating when you see someone’s profile and see what they were suspended for,

I think.


Have you ever been suspended before, Rex?

If so, I’ve never noticed! :mag_right:

Only silenced for a day,

I’ve never been suspended.

But there’s still time!


:open_mouth: Hehehehe.

Just please be careful, because @Mountainman is known to bust out the chainsaw on naughty boys and girls.



I’ve seen the picture!

Pretty intimidating!


I’ve been here for a while with little breaks.

I removed all my pictures but the forum is public and just anybody on the internet can see your profile.

Yeah, I never liked hidden profiles or having people post anonymously.
I can see the need for it but like to see who I’m responding too and who’s responding to me.

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Yezzir … 151515


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I hid mine in a moment of paranoia and just haven’t switched it back

I’m sure you all know how I look like.

I kept the same mug for like 3 years on here, I think.

I’ll post a better pic when I feel comfortable with how I look :sweat_smile::grin:

A man of mystery I am not :open_mouth:

Got my ASL and everything, come stalk me or whatever, at least it would be a change of pace lol.

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