Hidden, or "secret" messages

I’m constantly receiving messages through the things I’m doing. Does this happen to you? If so how does it manifest?
For me one silly example of this is: Saturday I was taking the used incense stick out of incense holder, and threw it at the trashcan but it bounced off and landed on the floor. I thought the ‘universe’, or what have you, was saying don’t throw ot away. But I couldn’t figure out why I would still need the wooden stick from burned incense. Then I pulled out a new one and tried to fit it in the hole on the incense holder but the stick was way too skinny. Then I realized why I was being told not to throw away the incense stick. I pulled it out of the trash and put it next to the new piece of incense and together it was big enough to fit nicely into the hole for the incense holder.

That’s just one example of a message. Usually its something more substantial and important but things like that are a daily occurrence. If that was confusing I can give other examples. It happens soooo much and so often that I want to know if anyone else has similar things happen to them

I understand how you feel about these messages. I get them. Truth is pay heed to them and do right by God.

Respect the universe. Love God.

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i get those too. For example, for like a month strait i would look at the clock at exactly 4:44 every day. i wasnt paying attention to the time or anything it just happened. i knew something bad was going to happen at that exact time at some point.

I just try to ignore these “signs”. I realize that if there is a sign that i really need to pay attention to god will make sure i am aware of it.

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i was programmed to receive hypnotic triggers but i don’t watch anymore so i don’t get most of them. i have cut myself off from most mainstream media, tv, movies, music videos so i don’t get triggered anymore. there are some left to go but i’ll deal with them as and when they pop up. nothing could out me back to where i was a few years ago…i’ve learned by bitter experience that it’s just not real. maybe another love bomb will rear it’s ugly head but i’ll deal with that too by ignoring and dismissing it out of hand. feelings can b replicated through torture, i have learned this only too well. they can also b taken away as they were for my husband as he was on my side. always best to isolate the victim. now he’s dead and there’s no way back. if there was he would have shown himself b4 he died so that’s another hidden message biting the dust. messages messages everywhere but not one true one among them.

i get this all the time, e.g birds, animals, insects talking to me.
or the wind or trees or a book opening up on a word
shapes in clouds etc…
when a bird flies infront of the car it is because they are telling me to slow down or warning me of something coming towards me then i get a picture in my head. i have learnt to decipher what is important and what is just babble.
take care


Glad to hear I’m not the only one with this constantly going on

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Yesterday I watched a new episode of ‘The Simpsons’ and it was about Bart making a new friend who ended up having P. SZ. They actually portrayed it pretty well too. Just not the fact that because he has SZ he has to live in a hospital forever and occasionally gets a ‘one day pass’, that’s complete crap.

Anyway the major significance here to me is that the show usually brings up things of interest that are happening in my life. I’m not even talking about the show referencing pop culture, but is actually referencing random individual things in my life.

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I have this too, often I also say to myself that the God wants me to do something, what I do or have done. I believe we all are a part of the God’s energy fields and so connected to each other and the whole universe.

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I’ve gone through something similar, I guess. Like every night for a long time, I’d wake up at 3:AM in the morning almost exactly. It didn’t matter what time I went to sleep. I’ve yet to figure out the significance of the issue.

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