Hi. Negative symptoms and cognitive symptoms

I’m battling severe lack of motivation since August. I don’t have a job and I’m not working right now. I’m also very forgetful and I have trouble making sense of the world around me. I had no idea how severe my symptoms were. What can I do? Is this a lack of insight or I’m just being ignorant?

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I was there not that long ago. I was experiencing terrible negative symptoms. It was the beginning of the year and I couldn’t get out of this funk. But then I changed my meds from Invega trenza to Seroquel. Kept taking my atavan and slowly I started regaining my motivation. All I had to do was give it some time. Also positive affirmation helped too.

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I need to take medication, but I’ve only recently embarked on therapy with a psychologist. A psychiatrist prescribed me Seroquel though, but the insurance has trouble covering it.

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you are ok man, take it slow.

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Hi @MrLonely. I am there right now with you. I don’t have a solution, and I wish I did. Just wanted to let you know that you aren’t alone.

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welcome to this interesting place

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How long have you been battling them?

Yeah, but I really don’t have any money. I’m not studying either. It’s a bizarre confusing situation.

You say you’ve got trouble making sense of the world around you.
This sentence worries me a lot.

You shouldn’t focus on getting a job or starting a school until you regain clarity of mind.

Don’t do drugs. Don’t overdrink. Listen to calming music. Walk and feed a pet. Get in touch with yo7r soul again.
Don’t try to understand everything. It’s a heavy task even for healthy people. Live one day at a time. Stay optimistic and grounded.

Hope this helps. All the best!


Are you taking any medication?

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Andrey has given you good advice. My best wishes that you can find some answers soon!.


I was prescribed Seroquel, but the insurance has trouble covering it.

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What’s the price for generic quetapine(seroquel)?

More than $200.

Oh no! Can you apply for disability?

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I used to get mine free from free clinic in South Carolina. Maybe there’s similar place somewhere where you live for low income people.

I’m not sure. I can try though.

I always get my medication from my local pharmacy, but I’ll check out other places.

Guys, this is really serious. I also have really severe memory loss and I have trouble remembering people.

For how long? 55555