Hi everyone! Update on me

So I haven’t been up to a whole lot. Life without the internet has been a little dull. But I’m reading more books nowadays!

I’ve also gotten into the idea of experimental filmmaking. Especially the films of Kenneth Anger.

Well I’m at my library for a few.

Also, could someone please direct me to the correct instructions to download the forum app on my phone?

Thank you!

Hope you all are well.




the app is called Discourse. From there you have to copy paste www.forum.schizophrenia.com into the forums followed bar.

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Thank you!

Appreciate it.

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Happy to hear you’re doing well, homie!!



LOL. :slight_smile:

How are you doing, friend?

Thank you. I’m stayin’ strong and positive.

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Cheers monte! Good to hear from you!

I’ve just been enjoying the quiet in my head.

Hope everything keeps going well!

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I’m doing good!

Had a fun weekend with my husband,

Now back to normal and coping with my mother in law.

But it’s been going okay.

I’m glad you’re staying so positive.

When do you get your internet back?

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Hey Llama friend!!

Happy to hear you’re doing well.

@anon54386108, I see. Well that’s that great to hear you’re doing well.

I might get my net back up and running next month. But I already owe my Mama 100 bucks LOL. So it might be another couple of months.

I missed you guys!


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