Hello 10101010

I want to emphasize that I CAN"T do anything.
However according to thoughts that enter my head I have NO RIGHT to work in Israel,
even if I COULD work.
This is practically irrelevant because I seek to study Torah all day all my life,
either independently or preferably,in a yeshiva
but it is still annoying.
I hate the source if the thoughts and I can’t kill it.

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I’ll suggest an antidepressant as something different. Helped with my obsessive thoughts at one point


I’ve felt that way. …stuck, trapped, locked in a corner, between a rick and a hard place…it does get better…maybe you are on the wrong meds.

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How are you today chess?

I’ve been wondering, what exactly do you hope to get out of studying the Torah?

Hi Erez. I’m also like you. Can’t work and haven’t in years. I can’t do lots of stuff. It’s very hopeless sometimes and it’s hard to stay optimistic. I’ve also had troubles keeping up with my magic, like you have with your faith. I don’t think this makes us bad people though. I feel guilty too that I can’t practice more and can’t be as strong with my cloudy mentally ill mind. But we will learn to overcome this. We just are dealing with a lot right now, we are still devoted to our beliefs.

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