Hey pixel, thanks

Hey @MrSquirrel. I bought a mouse! It’s wireless and it works great! Copying is a breeze now and spellcheck works. Your help on my thread wasn’t wasted.


How is weather there in California? Nights are getting longer here in North and we are heading to the fall.

Congratulations man

Yeah, fall is coming, it’s summer now and we are going through a heat wave. California is suffering from a 5 year drought.

And I installed office. I don’t know how to work it but its there and I will learn.

We have a lot of water, maybe I should ship you some, on a ship of course traveling across the great Ocean. :smile:

Back in 1990 I did some work for one company and they were planning some methods to get sweet water from salt water, maybe it did not work out.

Yeah, lots of people are working on the technology to do that. I’m pretty sure there are plants that do that right now.

You need doc.x to send out resumes and to receive other Word documents, otherwise it is hell trying to open them.

Noted Daze…

You can install a program called CutePDF. It’s free and it appears as a virtual printer. Any time you want to turn a file into a PDF, select PRINT, choose CutePDF, and then type in a filename and select a location to save. Everything is slammed into a PDF file for e-mailing. Makes it much easier to send someone a doc and know they can open it.

Edit, for those who don’t know what PDF is, check this:


Wow, you are super-handy to have around pixel. I will have to pore over all this information and figure out what to do.