Here's a ride that made me crazy :-)

here’s a bike ride that gave me both double vision, and a psychosis, it was a 29 mile ride in August, it was a warm day 80+ degrees, but hotter on the pavement. In a couple days, I was psychotic as hell, my heart was also pounding and I was tingling all over, with double vision ( I recall colors changing with the flowers, and 2 LED clock numbers on my oven at night). I won a trip to the psych hospital, nobody took me seriously on the other symptoms, I was very angry. I had haldol I’m sure, but I still was psychotic when I was discharged, inspite of the haldol forced on me.

this ride took approximately 2 hours, tour riding at 15 miles per hour avg. we all went out for dinner afterwards. ride began 5:30pm central time.

a lot of people wear neck scarfs with cooling gel in them ( check out camping and hiking stores ) it reduces your core body temperature.
take care

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