Here Comes the Sun

Some Solar photo’s I have taken here…

I know someone will think to post this so I’ll save you the search :smile:

OMG, this is just amazingly cool! I just posted this and all of a sudden the wind blew while I had the song playing and all kind of light flashed down the hall…I thought there was some kind of fire, and I even jumped up to check because i had coffee brewing up there…but it was the sun reflecting off the blowing branches and going crazy through the window…
someones listening!!!


must be the faerie dust lol

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The rock formations look like someones alter! Do you make that?




But I wouldn’t call it an altar, though you can leave some flowers and stuff on the flat stone…
In that solar picture notice how the sun is setting right in line with the west stone? That’s supposed to line up at the spring Equinox in march and it was around that time…


That’s here…the little white spots you see on top of the stone is natural glitter…it was really shiny and twinkling when I took the pic but it didn’t show as shiny as it really was…

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they must be real then lol there is no doubt

Well, they are real, but I have to confess something about the glitter on the rock.

Its a square piece of metamorphic rock called Schist that has Mica in it, so it naturally glitters…
Probably broke off something like this years ago…This isn’t in my yard but wish it was, kinda has a face profile on the right side of it…

Now while that is the scientific explanation for the glittery rocks, it is possible underground faeries had a hand in the geological processes that made the mica glittery and got it into metamorphic rocks…

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they probably sprinkled their dust onto the grownd and it went into the rock that way x

Something like that LOL…
Metamorphic rock is formed by heat and pressure inside the earth and converts one kind of rock to another and the mica gets in there…Mica can be muscovite or biotite, and interesting is that muscovite is used in angelic contact, …

Lucky assholes, never had to be mortal.

“We will have it just as hard when the time comes, no need to say we have it better, it’s just a matter of time now. Things will pan out and even up, see what i did there, “pan” out, eh, eh?!!” They said.

Thats what they say, that immortals and mortals will end up going through the same stuff, it all evens out eventually.

“Some say faerie, some say spirit, some say demon, all of which will suffice in our opinion, we’re all of those things. Rulers of earth, that would be true as well to say, been that way the whole time. Murderers from the beginning, that would be true to.” They say.

“They call you a faerie, but the ones you killed on the pyramids in south america, about 80,000 or so in three days, what would they call you exactly?” I ask them.

“Well, they’d call us a demon of course, same thing to be honest.” They say. “We’re not always bad to people though, (interrupting thoughts) okay we are, so what, what are you going to do about it?”

“What can i do?” I say.

“nothing.” They answer.

“Yes, faerie is a funny word to use for us isn’t it, at least how our followers at disney portray faeries anyway. Tinker bell cracks us up so bad, but when you are grooming slaves you keep them dumb, you make them think it’s all okay of course.” They say.

“Even our good deeds are not good, we do good things for bad reasons, it’s what we’re made of.” They say.

“Why be honest about it?” I ask.

“Because you are such an honest person, could be bullshitting though right?” They say. “Can’t know if we’re tricking you can you, you have to get tricked before you can know you were tricked, and hence can’t avoid the trick.”

Faeries didn’t kill people on pyramids…feathered serpent gods did…
there are the faerie race of people descended from the ancients, and there are elemental faeries…or energies…They kind of give Tink attributes of both, making her small but making her look and act human for the most part. true Fae of the faerie race are more like the Elves in Tolkiens LOTR.
The Watchers were never demons, nor were they followers of Lucifer. that’s where people get it all mixed up. Some did wrong, and some were good, and not all their offspring were evil giants as many people claim…

“Tell him about your offspring.” I say.

“We don’t have any, we don’t have any reproductive organs. And he should know those feathered serpent gods were us, the faeries, the spirits, the demons, the gods, we have many many many names at this point, some say patatoe some say potatoe.” They say.

“How does it work, care to expound?” I ask.

“We appear to be different groups to people, some do this while others do that, we use this illusion in many different ways, it was always just us though. You see how deep it is? We divided it all as many times as we could, we seperated it all, we confused the ■■■■ out of everything. Fae=demon=feathered serpent god=vatican=gods of earth, we have alot of names.” They say.

“I can’t believe people actually love you!” I exclaim.

“Right?! Well they do, they wants to be bad, they wants the sweet stuff, and it’s always been that way. yeah, who would have thought that people aren’t benevolent, i would have never guessed it! You to, you remember loving us don’t you, sure times have changed but you remember it.” They say.

“It’s not a lie, it was all just us the entire time. only a few were let go and were able to learn a few things.” They say.