Enter the Vortex

Found an old song I made February 14, 2003… I’m not putting it in Creativity forum because I based this on real happenings which some will think to be unusual beliefs. I had this picture of green faeries with a vortex of light behind them, and used to meditate on it and get drawn into another realm of existence… it was a peaceful place to go…

                      ENTER THE VORTEX !

Out of the vortex. Screaming in silence. Dancing in shadows. Out of the vortex!
Its drawing me in yeah! Feeling its magic. Green faeries dancing. Drawn in the vortex. Want to get lost inside, yeah !
Out of the vortex! Dancing in silence. In darkness of forest. Elves and gnomes dancing. Enter the Vortex !!
I feel them look at me, though I do not see.
Enter the Vortex ! Now enter the Vortex ! Get lost in the Vortex! Energy all around you. Enter the Vortex !
Its silently swirling. Drawing me in tonight. Silent dancing elves. Look at your window. Little faces with eyes brightly watching you ! Out of the Vortex !
Its swirling with magic, yeah ! And green faeries dancing, Inside the vortex.
Stare at the vortex. Release the energy now.
Enter the Vortex ! Dance away through the night, As you enter the Vortex !!!

This is the pic I'm talking about. I experienced a few different vortexes back then. Meditating on the bright spot of light behind the Fae seems to draw you in and you can visualize and enter another dimension..not to mention the colors are relaxing..
After awhile i could do it without the picture, just concentrate on the vortex of light and then be in some astral vision where faeries and elves would appear. Sometimes I'd get messages too.

<img src="/uploads/default/4970/115e3fd0008ac7a9.JPG" width="449" height="500"> 

I even started seeing 3D vortexes in the clouds like this one, so whatever was happening was some pretty powerful phenomenon...


Found an old note about that too

> 2/16/03
> This morning was "The Vortex & The Ravens" As I
> walked down here there were what looked like two
> perfectly symetrically shaped kidney shape holes in
> the clouds, and the sun shining through just like the
> Green Faerie picture. Then it changed to two perfect
> round circles, like giant goggles. The Vortex! Then
> the Ravens were flying over me & around me, and a
> dozen in front of MacDonalds eating on the road (Musta
> been takeout!) I never seen so many so concentrated.
> They were everywhere. Big ones too & fat. There were
> hardly any people out and only 1 car, so it was just
> Ravens and that bright Vortex in the clouds. I
> seriously thought I may have entered a parallel
> universe!
>   Since those faeries have come around, it seems the
> aliens are not bothering ..