Here come the fake Eagles fans

In all sincerity, RIP Glenn Frey. Thanks for giving us Life in the Fast Lane and The Last Resort. And the Long Run.


Even more ridiculous thing these days is that someone made a list of “who’s left” of famous singers. With their current age. Lol

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It’s like Michael Jackson was just a widespread joke and then suddenly after he died everyone is saying he was a hero and blah blah and despite the fact I’m even guilty of having made MJ jokes and I still do sometimes because they’re so retarded they make me laugh at how dumb they are, I am probably one of the few people who can honestly say I never actually thought he was a pedophile or anything of the like and it was horrible how he got treated for being accused of it.

But I tend to stick to what I thought of a person even after they die. My good friend I knew for 15 years that died last year was a really good friend but everyone else and I that knew him that got together for periodic Skype calls while he was dying for updates still all agreed after he died that he was the biggest ass hole any of us ever knew but was still a great guy. And I know he would take pride in that if he were still alive. :stuck_out_tongue:

David Bowie and Glenn Frye were not so old when they died.

I wonder if past drug use has anything to do with it.

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