Heraldry - symbolism in the sz mind

goes with the sz mind,
i found it hella fun,
used the internet
to see a thousand
different examples of

kinda bored
with the standard
english nobleman
symbols, i was
facinated by the more

unusual animals on the side,
unusual objects integrated,
unusual symbols
from unusual sources.

so i thought up my own,
got a mayan jaguar in there, cause i’m a shaman,
lion is for the tiger escaping from the circus,
got an aztec step fret cause I’m aztec,
got a turbulent flow diagram,
cause it’s turbulent in madness land
but we still move forward…
got a wizard hat on top of the standard knight’s helmet,
cause, you know, grand irrationalist,
full of magical thinking,
it’s my sz wizard cap,
i got the onderdonk version of yin yang symbol
taking the place of the moon at top,
one meat eater one vegetarian
meat eater has symbol of a huricane
vegetarian offering a pineapple o friendship
motto changes from time to time,
these days i’d say:

(“since he is said to wander in the direction of madness”)

anybody here ever do that?
look into heraldry?
i’m thinking this might spark
other imaginations besides mine…

Nah, i’ve never done that, maybe ill get around to it one day.

What we should practice is forced truth heraldry wouldn’t you say? Whats up with these emblems, such lies.