Help me understand Negatives?

So I just want to get a feeling for how the community defines their Negative symptoms.

How do you deal with the symptoms?

Share your Experiences and maybe find a new tool.

Lack of Pleasure, Anhidonia: the world becomes tiresome, nothing hold pleasure anymore. I try my best to take in small moments of pleasure rather than expecting much.

Lack of motivation, Avolition; zero goal directed behavior without prompting, I won’t shower or shave, Hardly even care to get up.

Loss of sensitivity (physical): I don’t feel hot and cold, hunger or fullness, thirst, and nerve conduction, as well. I stop feeling those things as much. I just try to stay safe, keep myself out of the cold or heat, watch myself.

Emotional Blunting: Yeah, sometimes don’t feel things like I once did. I try my best to remember what feelings feel like and promote the positive ones.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.


I feel a lot of anhedonia (kind of depressed): antidepressant and abilify helps me
It’s difficult for me to do boring stuff even though i really want to do it, it’s not laziness, just a lack of motivation and energy, abilify helps me slightly with that, otherwise i just push myself to get things done, writing down a plan for everyday with boring things that has to be done.
Lack of concentration, i just sit and listen to music if i’m not pushing my self.
Socially “strange” behavior. i just have to accept it. There is nothing else to do about that.

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Just like My Positive symptoms, My negative symptoms wax and wane. Some days I’m less blunted, And “better” but some days, I just can’t.

I’ve always described my negative symptoms as :

Imagine you’ve been out all night drinking and partying and now you’ve just woke up the morning after. That’s what it’s like all day. A hungover type feeling.

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My main issue is lack of that kind of energy.

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