What is it like to have negative symptoms

I’m trying to figure out what it is like to have negative symptoms, so I can give people advice.

It sucks. Anhedonia is the worst of the negative symptoms IMO. It makes it difficult to enjoy or get into anything.


oh, I’ve never known that before.

Do you understand why it is difficult to enjoy or get into anything? What does it feel like?

It feels like extreme boredom with nothing to look forward to.


I don’t understand as it gets, but thanks for helping me to understand.

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Like I’m in fog and walking thru mud. Like I’m dead woman walking. Just existing. Nothingness.

Its like not wanting to do what you liked before. Used to play video games and now starting a game looks like housr chore. Going to buy something from a shop you like looks so difficult that you think longerbif itsbreally worth walking the distance. To every friend meet up you say you cant because you constantly feel tired and actually you dont want to talk at all.

I think negative symptoms does not make you less intelligent, I think it makes you think slower instead. How can it effect how intelligent you are, how smart you are, and how genius you are.

Thinking faster is a form of intelligence. Everyone wants to think faster.

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