Help me out to choose between those two antidepressants!

Hi, currently on trintellix, I feel alright, quite productive loe anxiety and great sleep. Only side effect I have is loss of libido and excitement. Actually do things thorough the day and sometimes play video games. The problem is I felt better on Cymbalta social wise and cymbalta boosts haloperidol efficiency by lot and mood wise is more helpful with OCD and better for my paranoia. The drawbacks of cymbalta are quite big for me: inability to orgasm, nuked libido (the same with trintellix) shrunk genitals due to norepinephrine and low sleeping profile( sleeping in 4 hour interwals). Also feel like cymbalta boosts cognition like memory more, but likr said comes with drawbacks. My psychiatrist quit after a car accident and I dont know who to see for this question and my previous psychiatris was open minded with my antidepressant indecisiveness. Please help me make mind. Also im on week 4 of trintellix, not sure of its gonna get better.

  • Keep taking Trintellix
  • Switch to Cymbalta

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I don’t know. I think you should write lists of pros and cons for both meds. Then bring those lists to your appointment with your new provider


yea i agree with @ZmaGal

we can’t really decide this for you i think.

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With all meds and all people there is no way to know what will work or what side effects you will experience until you try it. Unfortunately you just have to go for it and see what happens, but hopefully you eventually find something that works, and then stick with it.

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Keep taking the Trintellix for at least another 4 weeks until you know what it is really like. As there is little difference between the Trintellix and Cymbalta at 4 weeks when used for depression.

I am interested in that Trintellix helps you sleep better than Cymbalta, as I am currently taking Duloxetine and I have had insomnia all my life.
I am also on Duloxetine for pain, which I don’t think Trintellix would help with.

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Yeah I sleep much better on trintellix, really well, no problems falling asleep. I am asleep in maximum 10 minutes since laying in bed.

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