Help me be productive

Hey guys. Got a list of things I need to do tonight before our trip for thanksgiving. I am really dragging. Make sure I get it all done!

  • pack foods
  • pack wheelchair
  • pack clothes
  • change bed sheets for house sitter
  • pack lockbox with meds
  • fill up cat food dispenser
  • fill up cat water dispenser

oh I “just do it” when I have looming errands…you will feel so much better after you’re done.

You got this! Try to do 2 at a time and take breaks in between. You’ll get it done.

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Did you end up being able to get this all done? :slight_smile:

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I did! Thanks everyone!


Good job ninjastar! :slight_smile:

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Did you get your list done? Because I have some detailed pics of my armpits to send you if there are any outstanding items.



Kudos, @ninjastar

Woohoo well done!! Enjoy your trip!

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