Help i'm seeing santa everywhere!


santa is at the mall, on t.v, in the hospital, donating blood, doing a fun run, surfing at bondi beach…what the…!?!
i thought there was only ’ one ’ santa…!.
and he should be at the north pole making my presents…!?!
take care from confused :christmas_tree: dark sith :alien:


I saw an image of Santa on a piece of toast. I saved it and I’m going to sell it on E-Bay.


I have always thought that Christmas time makes people crazy, and now that I am Muslim and don’t celebrate it, it seems even more so as I see the red, white and green chaos around me. My local supermarket is filled with Christmas carols blaring out of the speakers and the staff are going nuts singing jingle bells all the way! :smiley:


I think that’s how I’m gonna break the ice at my next therapy appointment. Telling her I’ve been seeing Santa everywhere. Thanks for the idea.


I predict it’s the heat that’s doing it. Stay indoors!!! Do not go outside for about 20 days and I’m sure it will dissipate by then. .


Santa has his elves making the presents… :gift: :fire_engine:

That’s how he can hang 10 at Bondi. Very cool Santa…

Never pegged him for a surfer. :surfer:

I like him more now.


i think there are a few impersonators out there lol

(maybe) :wink: haha


The world is a pretty big place and he can’t be everywhere so he has helpers. Maybe one Saint Nick but lots of Santas :blush:


Buncha POSERS!

Will the REAL Santa please raise his hand?


Santas little helpers :slight_smile: