The doctors

Everyone says I need to tell the doctors that the voices are telling to to hurt myself but the doctors are spies and the voices tell me to hurt myself because if I don’t they will hurt my sister

They are not spies Idkhelp you are just having paranoid delusions.


The voices can’t hurt your sister. They’re a figment of your imagination even if they feel very real.

The doctors are there to help you. They don’t have time to spy on a random patient, their single goal is to help them get well, so you should tell them about those thoughts and voices you’re having.


doctors are still our best hope

of getting and staying well

I hope you can get one that you like

please don’t harm yourself


Doctors are helpful not spies


The others are right. Your pdoc is not a spy and doesn’t want to hurt you. The voices can’t hurt you or your sister. Your best bet is to cooperate with your pdoc and get on some meds that will help you.

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