Hello everyone. Hope all is well with all

Hey everyone. I was living a pretty intense phase of my life. Ended up committed. Got back a couple of weeks now. Feeling OK. Ended up running from my rented home on the beach, threw my case, cellphone, and 2 computers at the sea, slept on the street, almost got arrested but luckily my brothers were there so I didn’t have to spend time in jail. 3 big dogs went at me as I left the ocean where I dropped my stuff and I had to go animal on them for them to leave me alone. Pretty intense stuff.

Still ego free. Still find society mad and pointless especially social status. Was eating flowers and leaves for a couple of days. Don’t see the point in sophistication, love, trust, relationships of any kind. Sell my apps to make extra cash but sell them cheap and buyers can have their money back if they don’t like it. I am home with my parents now. Don’t care about the future but thought about taking my life and felt like I would like to live instead. Felt fear of death. Thought I didn’t but I do. Anyways, that is what is being up.

Hope all is good with you all. Regards.


Glad to have you back amongst us!

How are the hospitals in Brazil (?) like?

How did the flowers taste? I’ve always wanted to eat some :grinning:


The hospital was bizarre. It had chemical dependents mostly cigarette smokers that were like zombies after smokes, sold their cloth for smokes, bizarre stuff. I didn’t sleep almost for a month. Nurses full of empowerment like always. People being tied up to bed all the time. Screaming. I suppose this don’t change cross borders. Strange times indeed.

Flowers taste alright. Just a means to have energy to keep on walking. It was quite an adventure really. I don’t regret it. Don’t feel free to eat flowers, people find it strange. lol.


Welcome back :slight_smile:


thanks @Zoe :smiley:


Good to have you here again


Thanks @Om_Sadasiva :smiley:


You shouldn’t ruminate so much on how things are. You don’t have to agree with everything in life, but accept it.


Hi @Mr_Hope . I don’t. Just updating the last facts. I accept it.


I’m glad you’re more stable now.


Hi @CoCo . Yes, I am stable now. Thanks.

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