Just joined the forums


I’ve just joined the forums. I have been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic. I take Zyprexa to help control paranoia and delusions.

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Welcome :smile:

Welcome to this forum, you’ll find a diverse people with a lot of helpful insight.

welcome to the forum,

I’ve found a lot of support on here. I’m sure you will too. Welcome!

Occasional strange opinions, odd assertions and typical internet forum behavior at times, but lots of good data at times, as well. Take the best; leave the rest. & have fun.

This site has helped a lot of people. You’ll get familiar with the regulars pretty quick. Some of us have been on here for years.

Notmoses is the resident psychologist, he has a Psy D and I’m the resident psych major who exercises and is a type A. He knows psych more than I do, then I follow behind him. I work in psychotherapy research, I’m a senior. Been applying to graduate schools lately, hopefully will be as learned at notmoses within six years.

Others here know a lot about meds and disorders too. Wave knows his stuff, Alien99 does too, he and I talk regularly over the phone. Surprised J has been through the wringer, so has Nick77.

There’s lots to learn from the people on here. And Pixel is the moderator, he’s also cool, which is a plus.


Welcome how are you doing

Welcome, I like the forum because here are many people around the world, I used to travel a lot in my past, but since 2002 I have not traveled at all and this forum gives an opportunity to maintain my English, I have not spoken any English since 2002 after returning to Europe from the States.

Welcome! How is the zyprexa working? My dad is schizoaffective like me and he was on zyprexa for awhile but gave it up in favor of drinking alcohol heavily. Don’t make the same mistake please.

Hey Dude! Welcome!

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Welcome prndave. You’ll find a friendly bunch on these forums. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 1980 when I was 19. I take Resperidone. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

take care :alien:

Welcome! Hope you enjoy the forums as much as I do.

Welcome! I hope you’ll like it here. :slight_smile:

welcome to the forums…don’t hesitate to share what problems you are having…we all suffer here together. we also share joy together.

Zyprexa does work. It’s the only antipsychotic that I can tolerate. It keeps paranoia to a minimum.

Welcome to the jungle :japanese_ogre:

I don’t think zyprexa worked for my dad, but he refused any new meds. I hope the side effects are manageable.