Held over my head

How do y’all get over being seen as your past and speculated daily for it?

I’m attacked on what I say to myself, ehat I believe and even just topics that come to mind that I ponder to try to grasp. Pretty much people are roughing me up and belittling me and being like
"hey look how big of a price of ■■■■ this guy is"

When I was genuinely happy and to myself. Just because I don’t feel like being social they want to attwck me. It’s just immature. It’s other people trying to scape goat their issues onto me and fight me in this sick way.

But it is hindering my growth. A wound don’t heal when you have someone scrapping it constantly.


That sucks. Sounds very frustrating and draining. Easier said than done but the less you care what people think the better.


find friends. sometimes i don’t know if people even realize how mean they are. people don’t realize how dangerous hate is, how dangerous it is to judge others.

a mad person can be risky. an apathetic person is dangerous.

i hope you can appreciate that it bothers you. that means you are apathetic. that is a sad way to be.

anyway, people don’t know me. therefore i can’t be empathetic, only sympathetic

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not apathetic.

that is good that you feel.

never wish otherwise.

the hurt proves you are alive. in love. :slight_smile:

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Thank yall for the kind words. I truly don’t care what people think but this is really making me bitter at times. And family is bringing alot of this onto me by invading privacy and such things

sometimes we just need to forgive. for our own sakes.

how about changing the subject.

what do you enjoy? obviously i enjoy communicating. :slight_smile:

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I like communicating as well. I also enjoy outdoor activities and video games.

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do you think it;s ok if my sz dxes are only rule out, record wise. my doc know i lived unmedicated till late 40’s and i don’t want to be hospitalized,

i have several dxes. for now the psychosis is considered a feature of depression. do you think it’s ok for me to be here? i relate because of psychosis. .

my family hunts and such. my dad hunted in colorado and wyoming and such. my mom too. she followed dad through the colorado river on horseback.

right now i have a back issue, and by nature i dislike creapy crawlies, and sort of stay indoors when alone. often i just have too much that needs done. (family of workaholics :frowning: except dad, he would stop for fun.

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thanks. i’m an older lady, 50’s. not very good with computers. would you
like to talk live? is that possible with video here. just as friends.
sorry i am ignorant about such.

Of course it’s OK for you to be here. :slightly_smiling_face:
-Moonbeam (putting on my moderator pants)

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@eilyn. Please take a moment to review the forum guidelines. We generally discourage contact between members outside this forum.

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ok. sorry likely a good rule


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