Hearing Music from the outside of head

People get songs stuck in their heads; I often do. However, recently I began playing a game called Skyrim and paused it and listened to the music while I did other things.

An hour later I was doing hw and I heard the music coming from outside my head. It will stop when I acknowledge it but start up right when I go back to working. I have to look around for a source that doesn’t exist. It is calling to me and driving me kinda semi angry/maddened.

It is seriously getting annoying and it’s freaking me out. It still plays over my own music. Ughhggh never playing that game again.

Anyone experience this problem or have suggestions?

I keep thinking i left the game on and trying to turn it off but it isn’t even on just my head ■■■■■■■ with me.

Hi. Quite frankly that sounds like your experiencing auditory hallucinations. What meds are you on?

Yeah, I’ve had auditories before but mainly random cruel voices or just random conversations. This is one of the first times I got them from a game that was physical.

I’m on abilify and zoloft and they are working alright.


It’s hallucinating. Prolly from concentrating. Mind is an amazing thing and that is often found out with a mental illness.

I don’t hear voices too much per se. I have a central, controlling voice which comments on everything I do…and sometimes I hear music. Often when concentrating intensely. Well I did before medications.

It’s sounds like a positive symptom. Tell your treatment team. You may need to adjust. For me. I take the minimal dosage I can to function. Some positives like that I deal with if I’m stable so it’s not such a bad thing…always work with your treatment team for better function.

Saying that. Skyrim is good. I’ve played a couple of hundred hours…I’m at that moment immersed in Morrowind. It’s old school but such a good game for it’s time…lifelong computer gamer!

A friend in the struggle,



Haha too much games man maybe, the mind may play weird tricks but not usually when your medications are adjusted properly. And if you seem to physically be ok then a sound is either a physical one not a hallucinatory like remembering a sound two different things.

Thanks for your input. Yeah, I mainly get positive symptoms. I’ll talk to my pdoc if it doesn’t go away.

I’m not much of a gamer but my Khajiit is a level 73 badass :wink: .
I had leg surgery and had time to play it. Only until recently have I heard the music. I’m not much of a game person due to violence in games but they are fun.

I salute you fellow warrior!

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Maybe. I’ll see if the music goes it way :slight_smile: and if it doesn’t I’ll check with the pdoc.

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Yeah that is exactly what I thought as well. Your a great supporter and I appreciate your effort giving folks decent advice. And I too am a fellow gamer!

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I can hear the radio or tv being on and trying to turn them off. But they are already off. Auditory hallucinations. My voices are also outside my head.

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Some of mine are inside some are outside. I get the issue of when I listen to music, sometimes I mistake it as voices it can be so common.