Hearing music

I often hear music playing in my head, and its not like the normal people thing where a song is stuck in their head. I often get this when my mind is idle. I have very, very little left of my other symptoms, I am practically symptom free and in remission. Anyone else have this?

It doesn’t distress me most of the time, but sometimes I don’t like whats playing.

It’s no good hearing music inside the head. Keep taking meds and hopefully it will heal you of the voices.

well its the only thing left. I used to hear voices all day and I was super delusional. I guess i could try a tiny bit more Geodon

I heard music and songs wile waking up, i think it was hypnopompic hallucinations, i never heard voices or songs wile i am completely awake, but hypnopompic i get it sometimes.

There is this music that plays faintly near my fireplace, though no matter where you place your ear along the hardwood floor, walls including the windows,or ceiling, door, matters not, there is no source. As if the rhythm comes from the air itself inside the house. Not specific to any room either.
I don’t get excited, or tell anyone, sometimes I actually like some of the stuff.
The carnival music outside in the backyard around 3AM, also was heard when we were absent, inside the first bathroom, by someone taking care of my cats.
Does that give you enough information? Do you like what you read?

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Yes I hear music in my head, but most of the time I hear a lot of static. Maybe i need an antenna. Its almost a constant static noise. It gets louder when I go near electronics though.

My son used to hear music. I don’t think he does anymore but I’m not sure. Neither I nor his nurse was overly concerned about it. His nurse told him that sometimes it can take awhile for it to go away.

I use seroquel as a binge drug, since it looses it’s efectiveness in 4 to 5 days; stay off it a week or so, then do a bottle of wine, alka selzer cold, melatonin, atarax, singulair, and 1 to 2 hundred mg of seroquel, that’ll put me down for a night or two.

Because I do this I have been able to narrow down that the music is a side effect of the antipsychotic, for me. It becomes less controllable.

Had this feature of madness for decades, so I noticed a few things about it, see if this stuff rings true:

I think you’re right, this is not the stuff people are talking about when a song gets stuck in their head.

For one thing it happens first thing in the morning.

Here’s an amazing feature of it:

If I didn’t get enough sleep, i wake up with the tune that was last playing yesterday or most significant (sometimes a powerful melody will overwhelm a jingle even when it wasn’t the most recent thing you heard),

but if i did get enough sleep, it resets, not to blank quiet, of course, but rather to a default melody. Was london bridges falling down for me, must be right outta infancy, that was my default song for twenty years up to college, now it’s occasionally my default song but it’s more likely a second default that came along in my 20’s (now 47), this was a riff I was playing on an electric guitar, think i wrote it, very simplistic, but there it is, new default stuck melody.

One other phenomena - a year ago i was on the seroquel every day for months, and the music got really annoying, just exhausting in that it wouldn’t stop at all ever, and it costs energy and sanity, and i had gotten it stuck on some evil heavy metal stuff; i was powerless to stop it - it’s like an allergy, once it gets past a certain severity it’s not gonna stop no matter what you do till you get some sleep - but i found i could alter the melody to anything else, so i picked silent night, thinking dammit if this is demons singing party songs atleast i’ll stick em with that.

That worked, and all summer, i remember riding the bike over overpasses and switching from whatever nonsense in my head to silent night, manually giving it a few lines and then letting that run. Next best thing to a cure.

One other thing seems to work, but it’s a minute to minute effort - i find that if my mind is singing, it’s not listening to my breath, which is there for me, to be listened to and understood. the monkey of mind is bored and looking to the brain damage of music for dopaminerigic indulging, and the horse of will is at his beck and call, more so after some seroquel usage, but when off the stuff for a while, I can get the monkey and the horse tied up, won’t let them sing, won’t let them chew the lip which is the other thing they used to do but i’ve got that tamed right now, no, you get them all tieddown and they can’t move, then the self gets cultivated. frozen, frozen in the snowfall of nonaction, the monkey and the horse, wondering if they’ll freeze to death, and transmuted, and hey this magical thikning is all firing away harmlessly, but i know i know, sympomatic to say the least…

And then when I switched to seroquel as binge drug, i noticed the severity of the music coincides with residue of seroquel usage.

tonight it’s 231 am and i don’t intend to even try to sleep, used seroquel last couple of nights, no longer effective, bugs crawling all over me, demons in my veins, sleep useless, coming out to see the universe…

babble, just babble, that’s what the universe goes on and on about all night.; better than listening to music that isn’t playing though!!!


I’ve never heard music, but I know others who have. They hear it all the time in the background of the voices.

I do exactly understand what happens with you, me too I don’t hear voices unless in hypnagogic state / or when I put my head on the pillow, but I do remember on different occasions that I heard some kind of music, it’s because of some kind of noise that the brain translates it into hearing of music, it seems faint and sometimes it’s hard to catch the tunes (obviously because it is simply noise), but I don’t think it’s a real hallucinations, everybody can mix external background noise to some kind of music or talking…it could be the dish washer vibration or even the sound of some car parked and running in the neighborhood…there is no need to worry about it, just listen hard and you will notice that it’s only vibrations, misunderstood by the brain that’s all.

This has been going on for an hour 1/2. The Edmond Fitzgerald song appears to be on constant repeat. The radio is not on, youtube is not on.

Wow this post is a blast from the past. Yeah I still get parts of songs stuck in my head and sometimes hear them. Like this song about paranoia that I found, it’s the theme song to a really dark and violent anime- they call that genre “seinen”, and Deadman Wonderland is on the of the darkest anime out there. I showed the song to my paranoid schizophrenic friend today and he said the lyrics were “f***ing greatness”

But yeah even people as recovered as I am still have some dark aspects to their personalities- like the dreams I had last night. SO not safe for posting on here. Only between me, my shrink, and my friend who is schizophrenic and a functioning member of society too. He tells me his dark thoughts- he is older than I am by eight years, he’s 29, and he learned to live with being a little messed up, I am learning to live with being a little messed up. We both have anxiety and addictions, dark sides that we don’t tell people about. What I have learned so far as a psychology major is that the music you listen too while alone is your true self singing- so my true self looks something like this