Head transplant ‘breakthrough’: doctors say they fixed severed spinal cords

"Head transplant breakthrough claimed: doctors Ren Xiaoping and Sergio Canavero say they repaired fully severed spinal cords in animals

  • Dogs and monkeys whose spinal cords had been ‘fully transected’ were able to walk after the ‘unprecedented’ reattachment surgery, surgeons claim
  • Chinese surgeon Ren Xiaoping says human trials should begin soon"
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Can this cure lots of medical diseases?

I want them to attach my head to a sexy muscular body with abs :grin:


I’m not giving you my body. :rofl:


Wow. Start saving your pennies. lol

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My question would be…even if they were able to reattach everything and have it work properly…wouldn’t the brain get damage from the time it didn’t have oxygen while they were doing the procedure?

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I think they know the time it takes to cause damage or maybe they freeze it?

creepy. 151511515

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I’d never donate my head for transplant.

I owe so many people so much money, the poor sap who got my head would never get a moment’s peace.


I dunno if I fully believe thats possible yet…fixing the severed spine maybe…but I would be skeptical of a full head transplant. Seems like too many obstacles to overcome without complications. We’ll see in the years to come.

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plus you need a cool 100 million for the surgery too.

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