He said did u put a chip into her?

Just heard did u put a chip into her and i’m panicking thinking did he mean a chip to kill me or cure me and i think the latter. Why is the president hating me so much and so vigilent in harming me. Does anyone out there have the same delusion of someone implanting a chip into them and what they did about it?

I think that we make delusions up just to fill in the blank spaces in our lives that are really meant to be filled with real life happenings with friends and family but because we are not well we keep to ourselves making this stuff up so to not feel so alone. I think this way, anyhow. It’s just natures way of trying to heal us. Try to understand why and what the delusions are and most importantly , just do not act on them in any harmful or illegal ways. This will keep you out of trouble, and may be you need a stronger medication. I am using that Sarcosine that this forum recommends, and it is helping me in seeing these differences in my thinking and how dangerous those thoughts can be to entertain to the point of me acting on them as if they were true.

Natural sz ■■■■■■■■. Ignore it.

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