Government harassment

Does anyone else believe that some of the voices comes from embedded microchips. Sometimes I hear the FBI talking to me. And I always wait for something to come. I have the ability to not think and let the world come in. So I think they abuse me because of it.

thought i would say hi.
no one has put micro chips inside you…no one is that interesting !!!
no one is secretly talking to you… :telephone:
remember you have sz as do i.
i used to think there were bugs and cameras everywhere !?!
nope there wasn’t … :smiley: …just me being sz !?!
take care :alien:


Used to feel the same way Siskapoochi felt the president was upset at me and wanted to kill me for thinking intrusive thoughts and he said did they put a chip in her yet. I think because he hates me and thinks i harmed his nephew with my thoughts. Wish i had my privacy. If no one tried to read my mind or couldn’t then this wouldn’t be happening.

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Sorry siskapoochi, typo/error, accidently used your name did not mean to

Yeah, but I didn’t freak that much about chips more about nanobots. It’s a delusion, it will pass, don’t worry

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These technologies don’t exist. Not yet any ways.


Talking about electronic torture abuses from implants and 24 hour surveillance is not consistent with recovery. Thank you.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I no longer believe in such things. It’s clearly delusional thinking on my part.

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Yup. And remember that technology doesn’t even exist yet. It’s all just fear and an imagination.