Is it more disabling than others?

Compared to other mental illness, like chronic depression, ocd, panic attacks etc. Do you think schizophrenia and other psycotic disorders (when properly treated) are more disabling than the others?

In general, I think so. But I also think it’s relative. Maybe Elyn Saks doesn’t suffer that much anymore but some guy with depression just killed himself. So I think it’s case by case. It’s hard to generalize. Overall though, schizophrenia is up there.

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Ya it’s case by case. I notice people don’t go homeless as much for depression as sz. So probably sz worse because people fear and don’t understand it as much. Depressed guy in the psych ward had women at his feet over his depression stories but they feared me even though I had a tougher time I think. Fn stigma


That’s like saying, “Which is worse, heart disease or cancer?”

This is my observation and I realize it’s entirely anecdotal evidence, but…

I’ve yet to meet someone who decided early on after being DXed that they were going to put their lives back together and then failed to do so. Not one. Taking meds like you’re supposed to, keep a recovery-oriented attitude, and seeking out therapy is the winning combination for beating this mutha back down.

The ones who won’t take meds, keep going off meds, and who spend their time exploring their delusions/hallucinations instead of fighting them just get more and more damaged over time. To the point where I question whether the damage can be undone.

I’d say how disabling this condition is sits in the hands of the individual fighting it. The more they fight it at the outset, the less disabled they will find themselves.

My 2 cents. Keep in mind that I’m just another doofus with this condition and NOT a medical professional. Plz adjust flamethrower settings accordingly. :smile:



yes! schizophrenia, in the full blown sense, is a disease most to be taken seriously. its a complete distruction of what we take for granted like our daily tasks and understanding of reality.

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Chronic depression & OCD are not that bad compared to schizophrenia. I would know. Also, when it comes to physical disabilities, mental disabilities trump them in terms of pain or suffering - at least from what I have read from first-hand accounts.

In short, schizophrenia is easily in the top of most sufferable mental illnesses of this world. I’m not sure if I want to rank or rate suffering, though.