Having kids

I cant have kids cause of mental issues. But i have a vision of my daughter if i could have kids. I think its healthy if you are dreaming of your baby even if you cant have kids.

Im my dream my baby is a girl. She is a fat newborn with dark newborn hair. Hehee


I don’t want to have kids :smiley:


I dream my kids are all over 6’5

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i actually do want kids, i see myself either having just one or two OR like four or five depending on how i am financially. i dont plan to have kids until im done with school which if it goes my way will be a solid 8+ years from now

Are you gonna adopt ?

I m not gonna have kids either even though one part of me craves for it. Kind of sad tbh. Cos that craving can become powerful especially when around kids who are just being so innocent and lovely to you.

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I guess i would love to adopt if i ever get married. But i would only adopt if i feel.the connection with the child. If fate brought me and the child together. I would not go.out “buying a child for fun”.

I meant to say that to korieve kinda hard for gay people to have kids

I had a daughter, and due to my drinking and mental illness, she was raised to hate me, and she does a good job of it

I had a tubal ligation at 22 because I didn’t want kids and wanted to be sure I never got pregnant.

I think people with sz are better off not having kids. The children could have mental illness. Just my opinion. Sometimes people have kids and then only later develop sz after they have had children.

I, too would like to have kids but the high probability of them inheriting schizophrenia prevents me from pursuing this plan. Ideally I’d like to have a boy and then a girl; however, a girl and then a boy would also be fine.

Sorry, Dude!


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I got a 2 year old and a 3 month old. I love my boys soo much. They eased my mental health and made me even happier and I get to be a kid again playing with them :blush: wish some of y’all could have kids. They’re great!

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This was me until I met someone …

I never wanted kids. I’m not a children person really. And now with my sza I (and my pdoc and my mom) don’t think it’s a good idea to try.

Having kids and being a wife is the hardest thing for me

I’m so sorry, @Mountainman.

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That’s what happened to me. And my son ended up with sz and went on to commit suicide. The worst possible thing that can happen, happened.


I’m sorry. My mother developed sz after I was born and I believe I inherited it from her.