Having difficulty making up my mind - is this a sign of psychosis?

I find it incredibly difficult to make up my mind. For instance:

Yesterday I went shopping to buy an iPad, (don’t really need one at all)
But ended up looking at a laptop.
We already have an iPad (I don’t even like the stupid thing) and I already have a macbook pro which works perfectly fine.
Thought I’d walk around and decide after a few minutes what I wanted.
So as I was looking around I found a nice case for my phone and then decided I didn’t need anything else turns out I just wanted to buy SOMETHING ANYTHING… regardless of whether I needed it or not.
Actually I’m undecided whether I need those things.
Also I’ve been wanting a tattoo, have been thinking about it a few weeks but I keep changing my mind about its design and thank goodness I didn’t go through with it yet.
I almost did today as its my day off but again I changed my mind. I’ll have it during Christmas.
Tomorrow I might decide I’ll have it during the weekend.
I also bought a music player for £360 which I had to return because of this stupid issue.

I feel like I’m in a mess. i can’t decide anything.

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I just realised that makes no sense at all.

Procrastination is common in most people never mind sz. Are many posts on it in the archives.

And many more…


For me it’s hard to make up my mind when overwhelmed by choices. I used to find this is in the big supermarket and would get visually overwhelmed. Then I’d find myself picking up items at a whim that took my fancy.
I find weighing up pros and cons over making decisions generally quite hard.

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I don’t think that is an exclusive mental illness trait in that circumstance… I think everyone gets caught up in that.

My cousin and my sis have gone through a class on the psychology of selling and there is a lot that goes into getting people into stores and keeping them there as long as they can.

There is a lot of planning for very precise reasons why a store is lit the way it is… laid out the way it is… it’s all for the sale.

To walk into a shop and get a strong urge to buy… and not know what to buy… I’d say… that one is not M.I. exclusive.

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I get state of confusion when i dont sleep well, with antipsychotic i need at least 7-8 hrs. Sleep… Med is the primary reason, but not being able to decide, that happens with everyone. If the items we are willing to buy was very cheap, we wouldnt be in that position, but since its expencieve, we dont want to wast our money for latter to regrate.

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i have difficulty making up my mind too,i think its not very normal but also not something we should worry
on the other half,your a rich girl,lol

enjoy your day

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I find that when I’m more symptomatic it is hard to think straight so I have a hard time making decisions. I think my thoughts are more disorganized so it’s harder to make a decision. :sunny:

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I have to keep reminding myself that just because I am not grossly symptomatic doesnt mean that my psychosis has disappeared. I was born with some kind of psychosis - I dont know if stems from bipolar or schizophrenia/SZA
I think that my negative symptoms stem from my psychosis and it is difficult for me to choose on something, or decide when is a good time to purchase things. I dont do well with a lot of choices. I am better off buying a limited amount of groceries like a couple of items at a time. Psychosis colors the way you handle things - perceive things, the simpler the better for me - the less hectic or stressful the situation the better for me - its just the way it is

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Sometimes it’s a symptom to be an impulse shopper, but lots of people struggle with this. Esp if you have a mood disorder, buying stuff can feel like a happy pill. It’s not the healthiest, like gambling, you can lose a lot if you’re not careful with money. I tend to get overwhelmed and spacey from the schizophrenia and adhd, then impulsive from the mood disorder.

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