Having a reverence for life

is the only thing I know that will subdue the anger in my soul. Stay in the moment. I’ve got it good, now.


The less of it I have left, the more I appreciate it.


The term is still a religious one. You don’t need to reference a religious practice or term just to say “respect all life”.

There are debates about whether Buddhism is a religion or philosophy but okay,

i would delete it but i just deleted something else.

I understand that, and honestly I have argued the same thing. But I have to err on the side of religion for forum rules as most authorities place them in the religion category.

Not to mention, I have to deal with the ridiculous flags from some that jump on any mention of anything not Xtian.

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I thought of the word respect but felt the word reverence had a more peaceful sonority. I’m sorry if a broke rules again, @ZombieMombie

I wasn’t referring to your post, @pretzel . You’re good.