Having a mortgage

I would like a mortgage down the road. Does anyone have a mortgage where they are the sole person responsible for it?? that’s what scares me because if i don’t have a savings i will lose my house if i can’t pay the mortgage if i have health problems??

I don’t mean someone that is able to work and have health problems but not work i mean. :slight_smile:

I mean if they aren’t on disability.

i was just reading that only 5% of people disabled own there own home. So it makes sense no one has responded. :frowning:

A townhouse unit behind a shopping mall was reduced to $45,000 due to a murder. I went to the bank to get a mortgage on the townhouse but they turned me down. My full time job at the time was $15,000 per year .The bank lady told me I needed double than that. She said with the price of utilities, mortage payment, food, transportation costs I would not to able to make a go of it. :house:

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I have owned a home before and now I prefer to rent since I tend to move around a lot and it’s hard to upkeep a house with repairs, bills etc…there’s also property tax people don’t think of…when you rent a house if something goes wrong like needing a new roof, or repairs, that’s up to the landlord…I like that better…less responsibility.

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I’m on disability and I own the home I live in free and clear. I have a mortgage to a house in the city that I rent out to my ex stepdaughter. Homeownership can be a lot of work. But I’m glad I have a home and don’t have to deal with any landlord.

From the country Ridgerunner

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Just a few more years to pay off my house. Been living here for 21 years now.
I 'm on disability, but wasn’t when we bought it.
Listen to the banks, but don’t let that stop you from putting aside a savings to put more/most of the cost down before you try again.
It’s very expensive to finance a house, and it isn’t yours until you make that last payment.

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Thanks everyone for commenting!