Having a great day


So far, my day’s been wonderful. Got up, took my meds, took care of my wife who has the flu, and am now cruising the net. How are y’all doing today?


Unlike Yesterday morning, today so far Im having a good day as well


I’m having a great day! Staying in because of the cold. Watching a hilarious show on Comedy Central called @Midnight.

Wishing you all a great day as well!




Yesterday was NOT a good day for me either. Something in my head just went, ping! “Enough!” :rage:

I had a flip out and told my sis… Hey, just come with me to this little place just out of town, and then I couldn’t stop driving until we made it over the Canadian border.

My sis and I ran away from home. We’re in Vancouver right now and we both have no plans.

There is no fog here, no negative family here, no constant advice here.
Her cad of an ex-boyfriend isn’t here with weak excuses that don’t add up.

Calm and recovering. :relieved:


I’ve got a couple classes from my favorite prof in the psych program. An afternoon and a night class. Good day for me!


good day for me too…christ! i feel like i’m on speed. i dunno what happened with my bio chem last night but it sure feels good today. wonder how long it will last? i didn’t get much done today but i did manage to take the dogs to the woods so that’s good.


Hey, it’s the little things in life, jaynebeal. Win the war one step at a time.


My day went well today. went to the doctor came home spent time with family.


The usual frustrations at work. Came home, fixed something to eat. I’m ready for a nap because I only got 4 hours of sleep last night. I will get up and fix dinner after my nap and after I eat, I will work on my paper for school. Not a great day, but not a horrible one either.


Its great to hear your joy! I hope you have a blessed day. I just got off the phone with my Drs nurse, explaining a new symptom. I’m hoping for a new med to help stop that.

Is anyone familiar with a drug that you have to test your blood every week? :slight_smile:


Clozaril (clozapine) requires weekly blood tests, to check for white blood cell deficiencies. Does that sound familiar to what your doc told you?




That’s the one! My Dr. told me I couldn’t drive because there is a chance it can cause seizures. My current medication told me it can cause seizures. So I’m waiting for my Dr. to prescribe Clozapine. In my most deepest despair I never gave up…Still holding on the hope this medication will take away the horrible things.


There IS hope! Clozaril worked very well for me for over 3 years. It was a miracle drug for me. I hope it works for you too!




Really!!! I hope that it works for me, because when night comes it’s scary


Good luck with the Clozapine/Clozaril. My son takes it. Been on it for over a year now and down to monthly blood work.


good luck with the clozapine and let us know about doseages and side effects pls as i may have to try it in the future xxx