Having a good day today

The pdoc allowed me and the nurse to goto the shop and i bought myself some clothes and things to pamper me a bit. I feel good from the retail therapy. Still distressed by the hands but urges to get rid of them i feel more able to control.


Remember its ur own hand …!!! What do u think about it …??? What are u upto…!!!


I’d be interested in a description of the clothing you bought. I just spent the last half hour going through all the slacks I have in the closet. Some of them are a poor fit so I think I’ll be giving them to a thrift shop.

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I bought a dressing gown a few t shirts pants and socks and a hoodie :slight_smile: i have lots of clothes already but they are at my dads and he is violent and has disowned ms so i cant go get them. Anyway its nice to start new.

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Far i know youre trying to help but these are not my hands. Im just listening to some peaceful music while the nurse writes her notes. What you doing @far_cry0?

What’s wrong with your hands? Are you in a hospital? Can you have someone else pick up your clothing at your dad’s house? Why the nurse?

The police took my hands and put someone elses hands on me for the shadow government. Yes im in hospital. A nurse has to be with me at all times. At the moment no i cant get anyone to go get the clothes as my dad is very scary and unsafe so id need the police to do so.

Heck, I’ll bet the police would be glad to pick up your clothing for you.

I dont want to be involved with the police at all theyve already caused me enough stress

Yeah. Police can be either friend or foe.

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Good for you @princess. Just because we have schizophrenia doesn’t mean we can’t take a break from our problems sometimes and have a little fun. I don’t know what to tell you about the hand problem, I hope your doctors start earning their money and find some way to help you.
Maybe tomorrow the nurse will take you out for a cup of coffee!

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Thanks @77nick77 :blush:

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