Having a bad week

i don’t think it’s the haldol as this started before i switched meds. i am having complete apathy. not doing anything at all except the bare minimum around the house. today i have loaded the dishwasher, fed the animals and that’s it. the weather was clear and i could have taken the doogies to the woods but i didn’t. it’s like since this bad weather started i have gotten out of the habit. i just feel…bluergh! if that makes any sense. just can’t get motivated at all. maybe its because my anti psychotic dose is too low? i had the same thing when i lowered my depixol dose by 10mgs. maybe i need the mood stabilising element of it. i think i might double the dose on my next injection and c if that makes a difference. any thoughts?

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It could also be a bad weather trigger. S.A.D. does seem to sort of come with this.

Have you tried some vitamin D and maybe just step outside for a smoke and see if the sun doesn’t entice a walk in the woods? I know after a long stint of gray, I do get a bit shut down.

I know if I’m inside to bad weather too long, it takes a bit more effort to get outside. Once I’m outside, I can get out easier next time.

i never thought of that james. i usually like winter tbh. maybe it’s coz my voices have been busier than they were and it’s depressing. i usually give as good as i get but it does make u tired of it after a while…not that i believe in anything they say. well the day is not yet over. think i’m gonna do a bit of shopping then maybe dye my hair…maybe. the kids can cook their own dinner tonight. i’m going to pamper myself i think. cheer myself up. thanx for ur help xxx


you were nice to me when you wrote on my thread yesterday so thanks for taking the time to do that :slight_smile:

and i know what you mean about the weather because it does have an affect on people and then the news and tv etc doesnt exactly boost morale if you know what i mean,

anyway yesterday we had some sun and i took a picture of it on my phone lol luckily today we got some sun again, i really hope this is a turn in the weather for us, we have been battered by storms for too long, i think we deserve a break :sunny:

take care x