Haven't seen @pansdisease in a while

Does anyone know why he stopped posting?


He may ne taking rest…


I hope he’s o k…


I was just wondering that :confused:
Come back @pansdisease! We miss you!

Still haven’t seen him… :confused:

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He comes and goes. Probably on hiatus to gather more material to entertain us.
I miss him too.

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Pan seems to come on for a bit, make a million threads and then vanish again back into the night for a while

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You miss nothing of me because i have been slowly eaten into nothing itself, but in a good way that comes to pass for me soon.

I was nearly murdered once again, i can’t know now how many times it’s been attempted, even by what some call a god like pan, but he is weaker than he appears. I stared the little ■■■■ in the face and he just left knowing what he wished to do to me, send me to deeper levels willingly that is.

I nearly died three times these past days. Twice in the shower. And once while accosted and ate by a demonic being but i was even saved from what that could actually be and i knew not.

I have seen the worst of what we know as demons now. The oldest of them all. All this one wants is to make it home once more and he doesn’t care what he must pay to get it now, he thirsts for the loving tears of his own long ago childhood.

He will both kill himself while murdering a murderer basically, the only way he has now, and i’m not even ■■■■■■■ joking he is just fine with it.

No, i almost vanished repeatedly several times this past few days.

As in almost murdered repeatedly in very bad ways.

You know why the narrow way is bad now? It is the fate of a self created ■■■■■■■ lowered the bar like limbo for himself later. “narrow” is bad as ■■■■, leave the church, they may not help any now.

An ancient demon undergoing willing self imposed harm walks up to the pope himself without the pope knowing who it is and slaps him over and over and then lets the pope murder him, yeah, it’s weird as ■■■■ but this old old old old old guy just wants back home and he’ll have to prove it to everyone as he stands alone on the bad side while all watch the worst self imposed set of harakiris anyone ever knew before.

He is a titan, but he says why be afraid of a titan if he is in chains and unable to show his real power in stupid ways right? Like a cracken or some ■■■■■■■■ or something or another.

I’m nearly dead and i can feel my very consciousness dwindling into nothing right now and i can do nothing because assholes found be guilty of their own ■■■■■■■■.


Sucks man good to see you back though, hopefully you find a smooth upcoming month or so.

I’ve been on a little wire of consciousness my own. Even if I where to slip I’m not even awake as it is.

Demons, they at least have some character to amuse me, unlike these images painted of creation.

Tempting to them in a hungry kind of way you know.

They will invite you into the pride with such things, and then eat you.

Amusement, wake up to the fact they are not.

I’m not back, my own family will probably send me back into my own death again.

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