Am I getting old and deluded or is @pansdisease starting to make a lot of sense?

Maybe we should oust SZadmin in a coup and install @pansdisease as prez.


Are you forming a linch mob? always wanted to be part of a mob


You already are. “Hey Guido, pass the spaghetti, raviolis, and garlic bread to @Mountainman before he makes us an offer we can’t refuse”. Us goodfellas have to stick together.

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Pansdisease for president 2017!!!


I take everything pan says very seriously. The stuff he says is no weirder than my former spiritual beliefs. Then after I take it seriously I remind myself beliefs don’t really matter anymore, only meds.


I get his point of view sometimes
I really do …


Yeah, i make some sense.

Our world is like all of the wrong ■■■■ basically, anything wrong with consciousness is here right now. It’s a nightmare and everyone freaking loves it for some reason. It’s almost entirely uncomfortable the whole time and they think it’s nice.

I was out in the garage with them the other day and i was being forced to channel again and my mind, not by my choice, goes “hell is quite beautiful though isn’t it.” I couldn’t agree more, it’s like a freaking rembrandt this place but it’s a total torture chamber.

Back when i was a kid and the winters came i knew that was me. My fall would approach and i’d start to die, it would get colder and colder to and there would be no life in me left. The other kids were just talking about girls though mostly.

This place is really scaring the living ■■■■ out of me. We’re all here dying and we don’t know anything. We just get thrown in and stumble around for a bit and that’s it we’re dead. We have no idea where we are or how it got here. We’re just floating around in this thing and then we die not knowing if we’ll ever know life again. It’s creepy and it’s terrible.

And i realized some time ago, you want to survive you just don’t learn and don’t make sense. You really want the truth you are already dead probably. You want to make it just shut the ■■■■ up and smile i guess until you are dead. It’s really freaking me out.

And look at the earth man, it’s all the negative things. Anything you’d want in a conscious life is just not part of this and it never was really. It’s just all of that negative living principle. Sorry weather, danger everywhere, death, we’re made of bad stuff, as soon as you build it it falls down, as soon as you make it it gets old, disease for no reason, everyone is fighting everyone, short life span, discomfort of every single type you can imagine.

That’s really what the earth is, it’s every negative aspect of a conscious life. Don’t look at it i guess, don’t study it whatever you do, you are sure to go mad if you do. Just shut the ■■■■ up and smile i guess.

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Here’s my answer:

The subject line of this post?


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A warm cat to cuddle with, a family to love, music to listen to, hot chocolate to drink. The feel of a new leaf between your fingertips, sunlight on your face.

Life is a moment, and then another one, and then another one. Looking at only the negative is not any wiser or more truthful than looking at only the positive. Don’t kid yourself that it is.


Sorry, mostly negative for most of us.

Everyone is getting really pissed to. Like in a burn it all down and eat eachother kind of pissed.

Everyone is sick of this ■■■■.

Cats, hot chocolate? Wtf are you talking about? Cats and hot chocolate. We’re all going to get cancer and all we have to say is cats and hot chocolate. Most don’t get families, most just get raped by life over and over again, ■■■■ life, and ■■■■ earth, burn it for all the majority cares, burn it all.

Leaves, yay, leaves.

Yay, leaves. You’re talking to someone whose partner has had cancer twice now. Yay, hot chocolate. Yay, cats. Yay, music. When you’ve lived in the dark, you’re an absolute fool if you can’t appreciate the light.


I’ve seen the light, that’s why i can appreciate the dark, our earth, the dark.

People who haven’t seen the light can’t appreciate the earth and what it really is. It’s dark, it’s very dark, almost all of it is darkness.

I’ve seen immortality, perfect worlds so to speak, our entire world is just ■■■■ and no one knows because they have nothing to compare it to.

Look up, it’s almost all darkness. That isn’t blue, that’s an illusion, it’s all black up there, we’re surrounded and submersed in blackness.

And yet there are points of light. You can’t say they don’t exist.

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Yes, that is like our lives.

Small instances of comfort in the seasons and little tiny specks of light in the sky.

Almost entirely negative this whole goddamn place.

Destroy it.

Nah. I’m going to drink my cocoa and snuggle my cat instead.

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Spent half an hour practicing piano this morning. Had some excellent poached eggs on toast (with sriracha sauce) and a nice cup of coffee. Going to pet the cat for a bit and then divide the rest of the day between studying, housework, and a bit of exercise. See you all next weekend.



Is it difficult to poach an egg? I love them, but I’m afraid to try making one myself.

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Really… You make delicious looking flaky pastries and stuff and you fear the egg? Lol


His views are very fatalistic and sad…not a very healthy or uplifting belief system to have :frowning: