Have your voices every threatened you?

I’ve had on numerous occassions had voices make a threat that I would be killed on that day or in an hour. The first time this happened I was so afraid and called all the people I knew just so I would not die alone.This was because I thought I had a bad thought about someone high up in the govenment. It was an intrusive thought. Tonight I was having intrusive thoughts and I thought the same high up gov. official could hear me and see my thoughts. I felt he was disgusted with my thoughts and planned to murder me.

Anyways tonight I will sleep and wake up hopefully. How does one make one feel safe? Or not think intrusive thoughts in the beginning. How can one protect one self from a powerful person who has all the resources at his hand.

Well you seem to realize that it’s a delusion…that’s half of the battle. I still had delusions after being diagnosed and taking three psych classes in college, I had insight and knew I was schizophrenic but still honestly believed in delusions…I would go back and forth thinking they were just delusions or that they had to be true due to the “evidence” my hallucinations presented to me. But to answer your question, find a place you consider safe and spend alot of time there. I thought my house was bugged so I would go to friends places and we would drink there. It was amazing feeling, I felt free and I was effectively self-medicating, alcohol is a major tranquilizer in high doses. Just take meds, don’t start drinking like I did. Don’t ask yourself how to get protection from “them”, ask yourself if you are 100% sure that there is a “them” and then ask yourself why they havent just killed you already.

I was super paranoid and very delusional and I had tons of auditory and perceptual hallucinations…I call perceptual hallucinations when you see and hear real people do things that they didn’t actually do…like people would tell me to my face that I had gangs after me or that I was on tv.

Now my meds have me symptom free…I really just want to tell you to try meds until you find the ones that work for you. It takes trial and error, everyone reacts a little differently to each antipsychotic…for example, Latuda made me worse…go figure, some people on these forums take it and it works for them. The same goes for Geodon, which works well for me but just makes some people worse!

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my voices have always threatened me, but i am still here.
this is your mind , your body, you are in control.
my beings the one that threaten me are very wary of me.
take care

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Yes, with decapitation, and one night i was trying to go to sleep and they said they would snap my back in half.

This one guy in the hospital called the nurses in once also, he started telling them that “they are threatening to cut my head off”, i don’t think that the nurses understood that they really were telling him those things.

It was supposedly in a dream that 2 beings were forcibly holding me down when I awoke from reality to place these defibrillator? type paddles on me and were administering a very low frequency noise to stop my heart. The pain made me wake up still screaming at the top of my lungs. They said they’d catch me next time when I told them my soul was never going to be theirs no matter how many times they paid my (ex) husband.

My voices have scared me. One tried to convince me I have maggots in my brain. I heared them crawl!

They have also said that my son or husband will kill me if I fall asleep.

I don’t know if this will help or not. There is a lady Eleanor Longden who has learned to co-live with her voices and I think may even have her psychiatry degree.


Yes have had threats of imminent arrest to torture to sleep deprivation. Voices should not for the most part be believed. I agree that sometimes they are so convincing that it is virtually impossible to not believe.

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I’ve had threats of torture and trying to talk me into suicide.

non stop threats for years and years. strokes r the latest, in the wernickes and broccas areas so that i lose the power of speech. also choking is a new one. it used to b that they would start pushing me around in the shower, out in public, at the woods but i still did those things. as my mum always says. fight the bastards all the way. it’s ur life and u must live it the way u c fit, not the way the voices r telling u to live it. but yeah they threaten all the time. i’m used to it now so it gets a litle boring.

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They’ve tried to talk me into suicide too.

Interesting. i didn’t watch the whole thing maybe watch the rest later and her accent makes it kind of hard to understand for me but it seems like she had a good support system.

This is what I get, I get threats I’ll be taken by spies and taken underground in London where I’ll be tortured until I confess my secrets then I’ll be killed, they very convincingly tell me suicide is my safer bet that way I’ll take my secrets to the next plane, this has been ongoing since I was 16 I’ve very nearly succeeded a few times thankfully was saved! At times I still come close to doing it though in the height of the moment.

my melanie brown voice kept asking me to commit suicide for about 3 months because of some ■■■■■■■■ story of things i’d supposedly caused in her and others lives. good way to get rid of a witness i guess. luckily it didn’t work AND I’M HERE TO TELL THE TALE. I MAY EVEN WRITE A BOOK ABOUT IT ONE DAY. soz for shouting…cat walked across the keyboard lol.