Anyone on the forum with a family member who is also schizophrneic?

I don’t know what my sister has she is undiagnosed but it is as disruptive as full blown sz or very nearly
she has severe PTSD and alcoholism with enduring (5yrs) psychosis
she lives with my mum in a flat for 5 yrs
my mum is close to frail after being hit by a car infront of me last May
we have no other family
i am living on the edge of psychosis with stress
i added one single posture lesson and later that week a meditation group and that tiny little bit of absolute getaway from it all had me hypomanic for 2 days and seeing things and interpreting energies

i’m not going back to meditation classes though i’d love to

this is just to illustrate that seeing her 3 x a week and not even being the primary carer leaves me silently screaming about her pain and loving her but virtually unable to help even WITH my mum around.
Mum is 75 sister 40

our middle sister was schizophrenic, killed by a car in 2001

so. what are my options when mum is gone?

That’s a tough situation to be in. Is your sister refusing help?

All I can suggest is going to an AL-ANON meeting. It’s like AA but for family or people affected by another person’s drinking.

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I do AA, my mum sometimes goes to Al anon

she now has seen a court psychiatrist and is in crown court on monday
a guy who has been evil to her for 5 yrs had the idea to get a restraining order to stop her emailing him the restraining order breached
now declared prob unfit to plead

this after 5 yrs of suicidal isolation

She might get some help then. You could always have her sectioned if she’s psychotic and refusing help maybe?

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i really hope the court sees that she is the victim and that she needs extensive help

we have tried to get her sectioned previously
i hear and believe you have to want it - getting well

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5 years is a long time to wait for the right help

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The point of being sectioned is that you don’t want to get well.

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i guess but with alcohol
yea i know what you mean
this is more pure dual dx that i never really got that much

Yeah. It’s a dual diagnosis. Maybe talk to your own psychiatrist about it. They might be able to point you in the right direction.

It’s a really tough situation so the more people involved the better.

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we tried to get her help she refused
Gonna try and ask her if she wants me to be there

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Talk to your own psychiatrist about getting her sectioned. See what they say.

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i spoke with my community nurse
she seemed to accept her as being in the system now

Fingers crossed then , if she’s in the system then that’s hopeful.

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