Have you successfully transitioned to abilify? What happened to your negative symptoms?

I have a half dose of abilify in the morning and a half dose of my old medication at night

I have been walking instead of taking the bus frequently
Doing things like cutting an area of plant growth in the way of the door, cleaning the oven (these 2 I have done only once before off my own back in my life and never anything like how thoroughly)
I’ve been cleaning and all kinds of stuff I would normally only do if I was a bit manic… by that I mean full blown psychosis
I don’t get it.
Nothing makes me clean the oven.

My flat has also gotten much cleaner since being on Abilify. I am up normally about 4/5am. I told my doctor that it has helped so much having the side effect of being alert for work. I have started getting used to it at home now.

It definitely makes me more active but I am still experiencing symptoms and get stressed easily. I told my doctor that’s better than being a zombie and putting on loads of weight.

The problem is I am on 20mg of Diazepam a day and I am not sure if this is whats keeping me going mentally. I tried reducing but got even more paranoia, anxiety and visuals which I am confused about as it could be withdrawal or symptoms. :frowning:

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Diazepam has to be reduced over the course of a year or more to be less stressful and manageable
I was hooked on this about 12-14 years ago by the staff in a 2006 hospital stay
They just kept giving it to me
I can understand it just had consequences

In fact I think it’s about half a mg every 6 weeks
You won’t notice you are missing it

I was told to come down by 5mg every two weeks! Did not end well. I have been on it now for about 6 months.

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I would Tell someone understanding that you want to take a year or so to reduce
I was on 5mg and it’s a hell of a drug to quit

They never tell you that when they give it to you!

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Tell Them how it was the last time you try and say someone did it much more slowly and with suppport
No they don’t… But I can understand them wanting to calm us down a bit
In a group setting like hospital for me I really get it

Sorry to have side tracked your thread!

What drug are you coming off from?

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I Not a problem at all… Hate diazepam really…

One of the old ones
But it’s been very effective

I just wonder if this amount of get up and go and I’m too stressed quickly
I suppose always be stressed
Then I might forget About having schizophrenia and overdo it

Feel like it’s making me normal
Almost like I could go out and get a job or something
Although I’ve been having a lot of worrying symptoms At the same time

Exactly my experience with it.

My last drug was Haldol and that was far more effective. I have only been on Abilify for about 5 months now.

I have made the decision that I will put up with residual symptoms and deal with the stress as I put on a lot of weight from other AP’s and I don’t like the sedation.

I am still having to take procyclidine though

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Have you lost weight in the past five months?