Have you quit cigarettes?

I quit last year, switched to weed, and my lungs have never been happier.


Try sometimes, don’t planning to quit now.

Cigarettes yes. Tobacco no.


I quit for good. It was tough for a few months and took me several attempts but it was one of the best things I did. Or maybe starting smoking was one of the most stupid things I did.


I smoked an average of five cigarettes a day for about a year and a half while I was in the army. It took me about fifty tries to quit. I am so glad I did. I’ve been in heavy smoking populations most of my life - in the army, in AA, and at assisted living for the mentally ill. Where I am now I can see how sick smoking has made a lot of people. A lot of people here have COPD, and they have to use these breathing machines. The financial impact of smoking is huge here. Smoking takes a big chunk out of the SSI checks we get. People who don’t smoke here have more spending money.

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they say nicoteen is good for the brain

I use ecigs now, so if nicotine is good I’m getting that without the rest of the harmful cigarette stuff. I can feel that I will probably quit ecigs one day too, but as I’ve only been off cigarettes a short while I won’t quit them yet.

I quit 24 years ago cold turkey from a pack and a half a day. One of the best things I did for myself in my own life.


I quit 2 months ago but I still get the urge. I’m glad I quit though and so does my family.

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No tried in the past multiple times, went on Chantix but that was “BAD”. That in hind sight might have caused my first schizophrenic episode.
Until I get my mental health in order or they legalize Marijuana, going to keep smoking.

I quit cigarettes multiple times in the past only to pick them back up. If I get into a PhD program I am going on the patch because I won’t be expendable anymore.

I read a study that said smoking pot is as bad for your lungs as smoking.cigarettes.


Oh no. That sucks. Oh well, I’ll let weed go someday.

Some people with schizophrenia swear by it. I could never handle it after I got diagnosed.

i dont smoke anything,

i get high on life as much as i can,

love is my drug lol


dude get off the weed. smoking purees is worse than smoking fags.

ive only quit for a year during the time ive smoked. its when i go out and drink i always want a smoke and i just carry on smoking. should quit…but not yet for me.

YES …only continue to smoke if you like breathing by machine.

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The original Marlboro man died of lung cancer.

I’m drunk right now… No lighter lol. Don’t know what to do. ■■■■■■■ stupid… ■■■■ tobacco.

■■■■ alcohol as well. I’m tired stranded and delusional.

I don’t endorse smoking but if you have to smoke right now use your over burner.

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