Have you managed to recover? Are you content with your life?

I, my situation in certain respects is even better than in the prodromal stage of the disease.
I have managed to neutralize psychosis , delusions and intrusive thoughts, and become composed and
content with my life.
The advantages I have now compared with prodrome:
I am in better physical shape, I play chess better, I have dreams of a career that I didn’t have back then.
I have adopted a healthy diet which I didn’t do then.

Overall my situation constantly keeps improving, and I am very content with the trajectory of my life.

How about you? Are you faring well overall? Are you happy with your life?


I’m very happy. I don’t have to work and I do enough to keep me busy. Symptoms are under control and I live as large as I’m able…so yes. I’m very content with my life. That could change anytime but currently no complaints.

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I am pretty content. I have my problems though. I wont go into it, but I have a lot of problems because of what I went through.

I have some minor, very minor relationship problems with a friend of mine, and I’m going through some health problems right now but, other than those things, everything is going just great! I’ve got my sza, migraines, and arthritis pain totally under control and it’s all good.

I can be pretty sensitive when socializing, but I try to keep to myself most of the time, reading drink some Joe’s and studying, keeps me quite content. This forum has been a lifesaver though. It’s a different type of socializing and I happy with it. So over all I’m a pretty happy individual. I also try to look at things in a cosmic way, and that helps with perception of how to deal with things. As far as having Schizophrenia goes, I think I’ve found my perfect blend of meds to deal with the symptoms. And I can function pretty normally now.

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Content with life. Doesn’t looks like it’s gonna change for the better on the horizon.

I am content with my life to some extent but not fully recovered, I’m symptom free with little side effects.

my latest ventures include peer support training, magazine editing & radio co-hosting
I have some other aspirations that i am interested in too like whittling and leather craft
I also care for my mum

My SZ is well-managed, life is good. I give the credit to modern meds, supplements, and therapy.

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I’ve recovered fairly well, but i have this issue where i start a conversation about a particular topic, and halfway through i’ll forget a word, and for the life of me i cannot remember what the word is. It makes me so frustrated, i feel like i’m stupid because i never used to have this problem. So, overall, i’m fairly content but i’d be happier if i could get my ability to talk properly.

I’m working on recovery. I’m fairly content with my life for now but working on things.

the thing I need is financial security, which I don’t have. so I will end up going back to work, and will hate my life. hopefully I can handle it and don’t relapse.

The long term symptoms of schizophrenia, for me, are much improved. I have had depression lately but I have breakthroughs in which I feel normal and happy.

Delusions are all gone. Still struggling with the negative symptoms. Motivation is absent. Wish I was married or had a girlfriend. Bored but happy I guess.

I’m good! Meds help, I heard some voices this morning but it didn’t derail me, I got coffee and got busy making music and painting, I have a girlfriend, I’m not drinking or using drugs, even medical weed. Life has improved drastically.

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im pretty happy with my life especially when im not on meds. God has blessed me with happiness

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I have started and restarted medication.I got my dream career as in I am well paid and stable career wise,no problem if I take meds continuously

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Mental health wise, I’m all good. I’m happy with my meds and I’m doing pretty good. Physically, I’m having some problems that are getting looked into. So, that’s up in the air. Financially, all is well. Spiritually, things are just great although they could always be better. And, I’m working on that. So, overall, I’m pretty content.

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