Have you heard of....Recovery College

A Recovery College?

I attended an online meeting today where i was listening to 2 recovery colleges speak & present their new videos, they help people recover from MI & its open to everyone.

My charity applied for funding for a recovery college a few years ago, we wanted to host a recovery curriculum, evening classes but our funding application was declined,

The group i was online with were over 100 people & it was a mix of professionals & people like me with lived experience, they were wondering why my city hasn’t got one, so i mentioned the funding bid, i wish we had got the funding man :frowning: that would have been sweet, anyway, i hope we can apply for that again.

Have you heard of a recovery college?


No. I’m very interested in learning more about it though

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I just found this about it:


I really like this. I think it’s a good idea.


Never heard of such a thing for mental illness. Sounds like a great idea!


At the meeting i was on i was comparing the recovery college model to the Clubhouse model and i found it was very similar, they do have some differences though. But it is something that we have been offering since before recovery colleges were ever around.

atm at my charity clubhouse, we offer various classes each year which focus on recovery learning,
classes we offer include:
- Inspiring growth
- Peer 2 peer
- Community connections

Something i wanted to try and develop was a class called Insight which would make people more aware of other mental illnesses

I’ll give you a link as an example of a recovery college.

This is what one Recovery College offered:

Courses | RAMH

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I followed a course in Belgium that was part of the recovery academy (herstelakademie).

It was about ‘meaning’ as a gateway to recovery. We would meet once a week for 2 hours. It was pre-Covid. I enjoyed it and afterwards we even met up once with the group (about 10 people) to go for a walk in nature.


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