Have you ever

Been to a psych hospital with no groups at all?
That don’t always get you a clean toothbrush?

That when you get out, say you’re going on public transport to a homeless shelter but you are dropped off to a place with locked doors and no lights on?

(I walked for an hour or so, found a public phone and guilted a relative into taking me in. I’d done nothing to her but it’s clear, only the fact I used guilt tactics prevented her from leaving me there)

I have. All 3 were the same psych ward I went to twice.

Been to a psych ward where they can’t get you a shave every day?

Where they reduce the only medicine that ever helped you in response to a perceived crisis?

Been there, done that. Those two were the same one. Different one from the first one.

Been slapped in restraints in total darkness while never making a threat? (I was a minor too)

Things are bad here.

I intend to stay away from these places for the rest of my life.

Anybody have similar experiences and want to vent?

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Certainly the experiences I had in mental hospitals helped me to grab on to all the tools I could to get well.


There’s good hospitals and bad hospitals.


I’ve been to a couple of bad ones but not as bad as that I don’t think. One I went to didn’t have group, or therapists and the pdoc was some weirdo who didn’t seem to know what he was doing at all. All I could do was lie in bed and wish I was dead and try not to kill people who were making noise until they let me go home. One place was giving me so much ativan I was blacking out and took 2 doses of milk of magnesia because I couldn’t remember taking it and ended up crapping myself. One place kept letting this girl steal my things until I had enough and took matters into my own hands and confronted her and got my stuff and put an end to it. One place put me on a sodium restricted diet and the food was terrible which doesn’t sound that bad but food is a coping tool for me so it was horrible to have to eat this bland, lifeless food for 7 days. In one of the hospitals the shower could be seen from the hallway and had gaps in the curtain, you had to leave your door open even when you showered. I didn’t shower when I was there because of this.

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@Leaf It sounds like you know what you are talking about!


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