Have you ever thought you were developmentally disabled?

And I hope I’m using the politically correct term. Because I think my father was and I have his genes.

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Not exactly disabled, but my mother and I suspect I’m on the autism spectrum

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Autism is a developmental disability so yes, I am that

I used to think this was the reason people stared at me and the doctors had hid it from me for me to find out on my own. In 2011 I thought this when I was psychotic. I asked my pdoc if I had Down syndrome but he said No I needed haldol rather.

I am. Had entertained the possibility since about 1998. Years under an incompetent and myopic mental health trust meant little attention was paid to mentions of autism .

A more competent,open minded and intelligent pdoc was the means of getting a dx. It took moving near my stepdaughter, and her support, to get the dx.

Yes, I did. I couldn’t function well in a classroom full of other people. I do fine learning on my own, but get overloaded with sensory input and distractions when around others. You can’t learn anything when you’re busy trying not to have a meltdown.

Aside from this I suspect I have concentration problems like adhd but I don’t think I really do. I think it’s cognitive defecits from psychosis

All I know is I felt like a freak and that I dIdn’t fit in.


Yes my negative symptoms are more disabling than mental disability. At lest they can work and be married.

I think severe negative symptoms are developmental disability. Some scientific sources say schizophrenia is a neurodevelopmental disease.

Ok, this is offensive. “At least they can get work and get married” ?

Do you have any idea what developmentally disabled means? I’m extremely offended by this. I actually am raising a developmentally disabled child. She’s 18 now and will never work, marry, or do anything. Even holding a conversation is impossible aside from very sinple one.

Refusing to even try to do anything is far different than actually being unable to do things.


Ok not all of them can work and be married, sorry. I deleted my comment.

This thread honestly doesn’t make sense.

That, I will agree with you.

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No, but at age 33 they diagnosed me with ASD, based on a 3 hour interview where my mother told them about my development between 0-5 years.

I filled out a form and a questionnaire, and that was enough for them to diagnose me with ASD.

I think what @chordy means is mental disability.

@firemonkey posted a link explaining it @Aziz

The thread does make sense

To some extent. I read a lot but don’t make a conscious effort to remember anything. So I don’t remember most things I read. It’s a bad habit.

SZ symptoms compound this.

What I meant is this doesn’t make sense:

“Because I think my father was and I have his genes.”

She really means mental and intellectual disability like Down syndrome etc

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Developmental disorders I thought included ASD, but that is not on FM’s article from wiki

Maybe it’s because it’s a neuro-developmental disorder that makes it not apply here

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