I just finished my drum lessons

I feel better now, after I did drum lessons.


I learn how to read music better today. It’s a blessing, because my drum teacher understands me better than a normal person. He used to do drugs and he was an alcoholic. He also had social phobia. He knows I have sz, so that helps!!!



But did you go for a walk today ?

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Thats great Jake. I’m really glad you have a music teacher who is on the same page as you. Musics a wonderful thing and having the right teacher can make so much difference!

Thank you StarCrazy…1515

What kind of drums have you been learning at the moment?
I cant play drums to save my life, but I play other things :slight_smile:

I play the drums not with a marching band, just drums with normal songs. So a bass drum, a snare drum, and toms drums. They are the drums beside the snare and the bass drum. What instruments do you play?

Sorry I meant what style, what songs. Like is it rock orientated? What kinda rock artists? Or you into jazz etc?

I’ve played bass in a couple of bands and I consider that my main instrument. I sing my own songs. Also dabble at guitar/keys but Im not that great at them. Kind of noodle my own way round them and learn my own versions of other people’s songs but I cant play like proper classical pieces on them or anything. I definitely get jealous of contemporary musicians who are more gifted than I. “Why cant that be me” etc. I just dont practice enough and never have.

Well my favorite type of music is modern rock. I like evanescence a lot, for example. I play the drums to the Dave Mathews band. I don’t really like the Dave Mathews band that much, I have the same style of drumming as the drummer for that band. He plays beats called fusion beats. His name is Carter beauford. I also play to pop music, modern rock, and I play with the Freddy Jones band, and the pretenders…other bands as well. The freddy Jones band has a good song called " in a daydream" at least I think that is the name of the song. It’s been a long time since I listen to the band.

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That’s ok if you are not gifted with instruments, at least you like music.

Some real nice guitar work in that “In a daydream” song. Might check some others of theirs out.

Hadn’t heard of Dave Mathews band before either. The track I heard had some like military style snare rolls which I really like generally.

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