Have you ever not known what to say?

I have trouble expressing myself to the pdoc. Not only that I lack the awareness to be able to relate to her what I’m going through. This has hindered my getting help. You can never perfect the art of Self expression.


I have a very hard time online and IRL expressing myself.
Including to docs and therapists.
People say I don’t make sense when I talk.


If its a good pdoc they will have patience with you. Ive spurted out word salad to mine multiple times and they just wait for me to finish or for me to give up.


You do make sense when you talk here.

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Only on the days that end in Y. F2F convos go better when I prepare in advance.


I try to spend time think and edit
If I try to write long comments.
It start losing track of my thoughts.

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thinks for a second which days end in y

Monday yep Tuesday yep Wednesday…oh yes all of them. :raised_hands:


From time to time. Not very often. I struggle to initiate conversation.

An awkward therapy appointment over 20 years ago. He sat down and I sat down. I waited and waited for him to say something I could respond to.I was getting more and more anxious and agitated. After about 25 minutes he spoke,I can’t recall what he said.


i have a hard time responding to my pdoc

im afraid of what comes out that i incriminate myself

i also sit there and wait for her to talk sometimes it feels like an hour but its only been a couple minutes

i never respond, cuz they are never listening, lol…

I’m good at communicating concrete but not emotionally.

Sure. Sometimes if I have something important I want to express in a detailed way I will write a letter to the doc and just hand it to them when I show up for the appointment.

Her reading speed is incredible to me. I’m a slow reader. I kind of read in the pace that people talk, but it has gotten pointed out to me, that’s not normal, that is slooow.